Rodney Brooks’ Robots are Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

September 21st, 2007
On September 8 the world's geekiest geeks gathered at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts to talk about what happens if/when we make machines that are smarter than we are. 10ZM.TV was there just in case The Singularity came early, though as far as we could tell, things are more or less the same as they were a few weeks ago. So we think it's still safe to flip off your TV when Geraldo comes on.

We captured several of the guest speakers on video, as well as several esteemed members of the audience, and we'll present them here over the next few weeks. For our first presentation we snared Rodney Brooks, a Professor of Robotics at MIT and co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of iRobot Corporation.

Professor Brooks strolled into the Singularity Summit with a headful of robots. For the last twenty years there's been a squadron of 1,000 one-kilogram robots in his head, capable of doing the work of NASA's two-ton Mars Explorer robots. In the decades that followed his influential paper — "Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control" — he's grappled with a coming robotics revolution — and its implications for humanity.

Will robots be weaponized? Will their personalities adhere to the Geneva Convention? And what about the dangers of nanotechnology machines?

10ZM.TV captured Brooks' thoughts on artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and the ultimate question — what makes something alive?

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3 Responses to “Rodney Brooks’ Robots are Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control”

  1. iRobot Co-Founder Rodney Brooks Discusses Artificial Intelligence | Big Winner Says:

    […] Link: Rodney Brooks’ Robots are Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control […]

  2. pottery girl Says:

    Looking back 50 years in technology you can see profound changes. It’s seems reasonable that in the next 50 years even greater changes will evolve and the field of robotics will surely create some real concerns.

  3. SickGirl Says:

    In that book, they develop a Globe that is exactly like the idea Woz describes at the end of the interview!

    Regards :-)

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