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What is 10 Zen Monkeys?

We have declared ourselves a "webzine," as opposed to a blog, and that was quite deliberate. Because we're seasoned, professional journalists and authors, and are committed to publishing thorough, feature-length articles, we just thought it fit better.

A blogger could quote extensively from any of our pieces and still have good reason for their outbound link. In this sense, we are (like the mainstream media) a "primary source" for the blogs.

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The editorial sensibilities that drive us demand that we dig deeper into stories than what is currently found in Google and Wikipedia; at the same time, we maintain a playful attitude, never taking ourselves too seriously, constantly willing to consider the other side of an issue.

Who are we?

The site concept came from MondoGlobo Network managing producer Jeff Diehl, with contributions from show-host/book author RU Sirius, and internet figure Destiny.

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