The Perversions of Perverted-Justice

Von Erck"To Catch a Predator" on Dateline introduced sex baiting to the popular mind. Fortuny and Crook may have adapted it to their own psychological obsessions, but clearly, NBC's relationship with "" is the established and refined model for the freelance bad-guy sting.

On Friday, NBC ran the fifth installment of the pedophile-trapping news segment. The stings are choreographed by a community college drop-out and his group of "trained citizen contributors" who have, in the name of protecting society from its most reviled deviants, also aimed their vigilante arsenal at rival web sites, personal enemies, and even Google and Wikipedia.

It's got to be a little heady these days for Xavier Von Erck, the Director of Operations for In an online essay, he talks about growing up with a mother who "worked everything from Taco Bell to gas station jobs to warehouse jobs to parts delivery jobs." His group now rakes in over a hundred grand for each episode it's involved with.

A recent New York Daily News article cited another article on RadarOnline identifying him as a 27-year-old Oregon community college dropout. But when the article linked to his blog, Von Erck redirected it to his original emails to the magazine's reporter. "I completed some college before what I would call a 'productive internet addiction' ruined my studies," he'd commented, "which I were not all that interested in anyways."

There are people who oppose's methods. There's even an opposing site that calls itself ("Number of INNOCENT people harassed and terrorized by volunteer vigilantes...with no police involvement since January 2003: 2704.") This in turn spawned a counter-counter site called whose sole function is to criticize

It all culminated in a bizarre incident involving an Arkansas pilot — a married man (and non-pedophile) who still vehemently opposed the group. He'd threatened everything from online computer attacks to investigations from the IRS. The response? Erck says his group lured the married man into an online romance by pretending to be a sympathetic female and then continued the online relationship for several months, leading to the collection of thousands of lines of chat containing personal information used to out the straying man to his wife.

Fighting pedophiles has brought with it still more enemies. For instance, they have a problem with Google. Their site argues that pedophiles "have infiltrated legitimate businesses to try to spread their pro-pedo message to the masses" — if by "infiltrated legitimate businesses," you mean "posted on a blog." Google is their #1 target for its ownership of Blogspot, which is guilty of not removing sites advocating sex with children. Perverted-Justice concedes that "We love Google," yet the company is #1 in their "Corporate Sex Offender registry" for failing to remove pedophilia-advocating blogs, including two blogs by a user named Rookiee.

Both Google and (Rookiee's podcast host) are listed as "aggressive corporate sex offenders" on Perverted-Justice for giving Rookiee a platform. The first name on their list of passive corporate sex offenders is Wikipedia, which it describes as the "'wild west' of encyclopedias" with "a vast pedophile cabal seeking to undermine it." Their main objection was that Wikipedia's articles could be accessed and edited by Rookiee. (Although not any more. Last week his Wikipedia account was blocked from updating the site's articles, though not without some spirited discussion.) "We've left Wikipedia in the 'passive' category," Perverted-Justice states, "because they still have not taken a clear and unambiguous stance disavowing pedophile advocates from editing 'encyclopedic' pedophile articles."

This Saturday they added a new name at the top of their corporate offenders list: Verizon/MCI Worldcom. (Perverted-Justice argues that an obscure Canadian hosting company named Epifora hosts dozens of sites advocating sex with minors — and is getting its internet connectivity from Verizon's pipes.)

So who do they like? Well, there's YouTube — for removing Rookiee's account; Xanga — for pulling Rookie's web site; and CafePress — for pulling Rookiee's online store. (They're now listed as "the Rehabilitated.") In fact, elsewhere on the Perverted-Justice site they write that entire list was created because "Rookiee made the mistake of attacking our organization online." That was enough to get him their attention, along with the companies enabling him to speak. Perverted-Justice argues that the writings of Rookiee offer a "snapshot" into the online pedophile world.

In their own bizarre form of exploitation, every page of the site now also includes an ad for their official store, which offers to give visitors a chance to raise awareness of the growing problem of online pedophilia "by shopping." The store sells merchandise bearing the site's logo, including underwear, women's thongs, and a baby doll t-shirt. There's also coffee mugs and beer steins. For the t-shirts they've even come up with catchy pedophilia-busting slogans.

"See you later masturbator, after a while, pedophile."
"Squeeze no child's behind"
"Coast to coast, we make predators toast"

Publicizing their pushback against online predators may or may not offer another way of discouraging online predators — but it's ultimately bringing its own set of challenges. The article in Radar cited a controversial blog post Von Erck made over two years ago, arguing a hostage who signaled his weakness to an al Qaeda captor failed to understand that "Arab culture is quite sick in many respects.... Spinelessness and negotiation only encourage Arabs to attack and harass western society further." Von Erck's emailed responses to Radar's reporter also hint at other criticisms he's faced. ("[W]e have not posted the log of anyone prior to conviction in almost over nine months now.") He's angry about the way the article portrayed him and rationalizes any personal flaws by citing his site's victories in the war on pedophiles:
One was a doctor and a vice-president of a biotech firm. One was a software developer for Apple. Two were guys in IT (who likely could have figured out how to log into Yahoo chat on a Mac) And yet another had a very successful job running a fairly successful business

He may be a community college drop-out — but for the fifth time he's also busted pedophiles on television. It's worth noting, though, that before he ever dreamed of hooking up with Dateline, he posed as children in chat rooms and chatted sexually with adults. He hasn't admitted that it's one he entertains himself, but this is an established role-playing fetish in itself.

In any case, we once again have a self-congratulating sex baiter who rains righteous anger down on everyone — except himself.

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  1. Lou, you are a frakkin’ genius. Best bit is when you list the “slogans” on Von Yuck’s schwag. Now you’ve got to uncover who Rookiee is.

  2. It’s like the real homophobes of the world, you’ve gotta wonder what drives them.. ;-)

    Not that I’m advocating it, of course. Just making an observation.

  3. howard fineman on hardball last night made an insightful comment about how people who suffer shameful psychological issues try to battle them in a number of ways – and for public figures it often takes the form of social organizing against the thing that afflicts them.

    (in the case of politicians, it often means legislating against…themselves. it makes a certain logical sense, but when they “backslide” and get caught, it looks like hypocrisy.)

    i guess responsible skepticism would ironically require us to be suspicious of the people who fight the hardest against society’s deviants.

  4. Hey there is a website that claims to have a chat from that dates back to 2002 where he attempted to pick up a 14 year old girl. And he admits to having sex with an underaged female named Tila.

    angry_german is an older profile used by the guy who runs perverted-justice

  5. As the primary organization who has been “watching the ‘watchdog’ ” going on almost three years now, one of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with perverted-justice is the huge amount of exceptionally damning information about their mistakes, innocent people attacked, serious computer hacking by their members against those who oppose them, defamation, threats, etc. that have been zealously covered up by Phillip Eide (Xavier Von Erck’s ‘government name’). He has gone so far as to engage a cadre of volunteers to “sanitize” his forums to remove all vestiges of the exceptionally seedy underbelly of this true cyber-vigilante group.

    Thankfully, one of our primary mandates at has been to copy and archive as much of the offensive material from their site and forums as possible before their clean-up crew manages to make it disappear. Our purpose has always been to ensure the public has a place to go to discover the TRUTH behind what PJ does and how they do it – Not the completely varnished and falsified ‘history’ created by PJ’s owner. We have provided a considerable number of on-the-record interviews to media organizations looking to see beyond Eide’s rhetoric, we have provided PJer’s identification to countless attorneys, and most recently have had a number of requests to stand as expert witnesses at court cases involving PJ.

    For our efforts, our staff and members have been viciously defamed and threatened both on-line and off. A number of our staffers felt compelled to quit this cause as a result of the serious threats to their livelihood from Eide and his hoodlums. Every criticism of Eide or his gang is met with asinine accusations of “PRO-PEDOPHILE!”, with the subsequent suggestions by their members that they contact those surrounding the critic with anonymous accusations of pedophilia. Regardless how ridiculous, such accusations in this day and age can be devastating, even when made anonymously. It’s not fair, it’s not moral, but it’s fact and it is one of PJ’s most potent weapons against their critics.

    Where such accusations may be ineffective, Eide resorts to any other possible method of humiliation of his critics, as evidenced by his sexual on-line game-playing and the subsequent humiliation of one of his vocal critics mentioned in the article. He has taken similar actions against Julie Posey, a real-life cyber-protector, against a number of journalists critical of his tactics, and has instigated personal attacks against members and staff of using his sister-site “corrupted-Justice.NET” as a launching-point. (It should be noted that “corrupted-justice.NET” is not merely an offshoot of PJ, but was actually created by and is 100% controlled by Eide himself specifically to attempt to silence his critics through intimidation, humiliation and threats.)

    Unfortunately, their recent partnership with MSNBC and Dateline has only served to give them an air of legitimacy that they absolutely do not deserve. Of course Dateline, with more interest in ratings than truth, completely disregarded the pages and pages of incontrovertible evidence of serious wrongdoings by PJ that were sent to the program’s producers shortly after the first episode aired. It certainly wouldn’t do to have their ratings-generator exposed for the hackers, juvenile delinquents, drug abusers, social misfits and sexual fetishists that they really are…

    Regardless, we continue to ensure the public has a place to come to see the not-so-honourable underside of Please feel free to visit us at or drop us an e-mail at administrator at corrupted-justice dot com.

  6. Wow, what an exceptionally biased article. Now, I am not a fan of, but if you had actually read some of the links you posted, you would see that they hardly took advantage of the Arkansas pilot. The pilot threatened physical violence and yes, murdur. Way to ignore that inconvienent fact. But why let facts get in the way of bashing

    Face it, with the current administration, we have less protection domestically then we did before. More school shootings, more predators. Whatever the flaws of, they are making a difference and they are enforcing laws. Of course there are people that want to take them down. Its always way more fun to rip down the good guy then a bad guy. People seem to take offense at other people who are working to make a difference. It makes them feel bad because they aren’t doing shit. But again, why do something worthwhile, when you can destroy some one else’s work?

    If has broken laws, persue them legally. But this sounds like another little spat between abunch of children. You don’t say how Von Erck’s personal opinion’s are relevent to your article (oh no! hes not perfect? Well everything he does is garbage then! whatever, grow up). So they are selling merchandise, are they profiting from it? Is it going back to fund efforts? I mean did you do any research beside google and the wiki-pedia? Don’t answer that, its painfully obvious.

  7. Von Erck and his cronies gleefully harass busts, their families, and anyone who vocally opposes them. PJers use illegal databases to obtain classified information, then publish it on PJ, all in an effort to bring down the house on the bust. Opponents and critics are labeled pedo-enablers. Critics who dare to post their opposition are censored and the banned. It’s just another form of communistic society in website form.

    Von Erck used to forbid his contributors to contact with LE until another website ( forced public opinion against Xaviers dictum and all of a sudden, POOF! Von Erck now thinks it’s uber cool to partner with LE.

    Ninety percent of all active PJ members have psychological or chemical dependancy issues of one form or another. Most were themselves victims of sexual abuse and now exact their pound of flesh from the schmucks they catch.

    Are they doing the public a service ? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure. Training by real law enforcement would make them more useful. Dismantling their Follow-up, Reaction and Wankers forums would make them almost forgiveable.

  8. Hmmm…the forums are now unaccessable and they are private it looks like. Tell me, What are you hiding?

  9. Wait a minute…..

    “Face it, with the current administration, we have less protection domestically then we did before. More school shootings, more predators.”


    I dislike Bush to be sure.

    But both of these “fact” are nothing but illogical reactionary crap.

    There were an average of 4 school shootings each year for the last 5 years. Throughout the 1980s, the number of school shootings ranged from 20-40 per year. It just makes national headlines when it happens now, so it “seems” like a problem.

    Along the same lines, the number of sex abuse cases has dropped by 100% since 1992. Some people argue it’s because of increased penalties deterring offenders, others argue cases are simply not reported BECAUSE the penalties are so high and most abuse involves family and friends (people don’t want to be responsible for locking up a family member for 900 years, regardless of the crime), and others suggest that enforcement has actually reduced the number of offenders.

    All three are probably true, but from my experience, there seems to be the strongest empirical data for the second one. Regardless of the reasoning, it IS pretty clear that abuse… and in fact all violent crime, has declined DRASTICALLY since the early 1980s and is at the lowest levels in our country’s history.

    To say otherwise is to swallow the media saturation, hook, line and sinker.

    — Nobody says so —

  10. Hi, Perverted Justice member. Nice to meet you. I like your blog. Now allow me to criticize your article.

    Perverted Justice has thousands of different volunteers who all help out in their own extremely important way, who hail from different backgrounds and represent a broad spectrum of political and intellectual standings. These people follow the site rules which prevent them from committing any technical crimes all the while enabling them to catch internet predators. So criticize Xavier all you want. God knows I have myself. But if you really want to effectively take the organization to task, find something about the methodology of our organization that can be proven to be truly ineffective and wrong, because the truth is the organization is much, much bigger than he is. Besides, you focusing on Xavier’s personality flaws is another way of admitting that you’ve run out of constructive things to say.

    The organization’s primary goal is to catch online predators. We don’t care how we do it as long as it’s legal and effective. May I add that no entrapment or harassment charges have held up in court.

    The only conceivable fault with the corporate sex offender list is in name only. In practice, these corporations are asked via emails and phone calls to remove the offending content, never threatened.

    As for responding to criticisms harshly, well, the truth is a lot of the criticisms levied against us is preposterous and wrong. The greatest case is the response to the Murphy, Texas sting, after which local residents complained that the commotion would give the town a bad name and lower their property value. Now when you take into consideration the fact that two of the predators came from towns right next to Murphy, you begin to wonder what would have happened if a real child had run across them in a chat room instead of a PeeJ contributor. As a low level forum member I have little clue as to how PeeJ’s PR mechanism responds to all of its criticism. My own light criticisms have been answered respectfully. Its the people who put the property value of their house above community safety that receive the harsh attacks that they do.

    In the end, we are achieving results. Good ones. The organization has bagged 107 convictions since its inception only three years ago. And may I remind everyone that the predators COME TO US FIRST. We never lure anyone into making the biggest mistake of their lives. They bring it all upon themselves.

    Next, let me address the almost irrelevant issue of the cafe-press store. Contrary to what is said in this blog, advertisements are on a few select pages only. The links to the store are not invasive in any way, and do nothing to obscure the content of the site. It’s a silly way to let people give the organization a buck or two so that we can catch more creeps.

    Lastly, let us turn back to Xavier Von Erck. How elitist to care so much that he was a community-college drop out. Not everyone can afford or make use of the top, most prestigious institutions, so if you’re going to make that part of your argument, you better have something up your sleeve to prove that it has an empirical effect on the way he runs Perverted Justice, because otherwise you come off as looking down on those who don’t have a degree from a substantial place of learning. Do you really think that matters? Bill Gates dropped out of college, and while I can’t say I like his hegemonic domination of most things computer related, I can’t deny that he is smart and successful. And even though Xavier’s comment about Arab culture doesn’t jive with me either, when it comes down to the work we do, I don’t care. I have bigger fish to fry, ie pedophiles trying to hook up with kids. I’m willing to put all of my political sentiment on hold, and accept as my comrades the many people in the forums that I might not otherwise tolerate, because we all see the protection of children against sexual abuse as being much more important than our petty differences.

  11. Let me just say this – is an organization that is fanatical in its devotion – which is to get any and every sick bastard possible off the streets. It does take a village to raise a child, so just think of as doing their part.

    Say what you want about Von Erck, but ask yourself this: what have I done to stop perverts that are ruthlessly hunting down children? Anyone who’s out to protect children gets respect from me in regard to their effort. I’m sure you’ve done nothing, but sit on your ass and criticize the work of those trying to make a difference in our society. By the way, I’ve been doing my part by volunteering for, and I’m damn proud of it.

    Anyone who would dare be on the side of these pedophiles deserves to end up where they eventually will – rotting in the deepest throws of hell.

  12. From a post on google:

    “We tunneled into Xavier Von Erck’s webcam. Watching him for over a month, he never knew we were there. On January 25th 2007 we got a surprise. For those who do not know him, this pervert runs the site He must have been chatting with another pervert or a girl friend while we recorded him. Now the whole world can see what he displays of others. Think of this as busting a voyeuristic paparazzi at his own game. “

  13. Why doesn’t Dateline or Perverted Justice ever go after Women? Anyone ever just looked through Myspace and seen how many Bi- Women prey on the young girls?
    Check it out. Look at the comments they leave on the YOUNG Girls pictures… that could be OUR Daughters. Many of my TEENAGE daughter’s friends get comments form WOMEN saying they would like to “Lick them all over”

  14. Hi Anon,

    It’s not for lack of trying, let me assure you that. Remember, we can’t GO AFTER people. Legally, we have to wait for them to come after us. Since 2004, the organization has busted one woman. One. We also don’t profile people based on their sexual orientation (in this case, bisexuality), because doing so is not only discriminatory, but is also an exercise in futility, as doing so would remove all credibility from our organization and allow more pedophiles to roam free. In any case, I would report the stuff that you’ve been seeing to the police. You can make a difference as well.

  15. Let’s take a look at this entire conflict objectively.

    First off, from every exageration, there is almost always a grain of truth. So whether or not PeeJ’s offensive actions are being blown out of proportions or not clearly they are responding poorly to criticism. Just look at the comments that have been posted already in reaction to this article:

    “Anyone who would dare be on the side of these pedophiles deserves to end up where they eventually will – rotting in the deepest throws of hell.”

    Right away we have a very damning statement, the very kind that people have been complaining about PeeJ members and supporters using. All that needs to be done is simple moderate the language used, or at the very least present your arguments without pointing a finger. There is the old saying, “point the finger at someone and three are pointing back at you.”

    “Face it, with the current administration, we have less protection domestically then we did before. More school shootings, more predators.”
    -Some Guy

    Here we have a general government damning statement. One that was later argued rather well against by “Nobody Says.”

    “As for responding to criticisms harshly, well, the truth is a lot of the criticisms levied against us is preposterous and wrong.”
    -No One of Importance

    Once again there is a wide sweeping statement that immediately rejects almost all criticism as if there is not even a shred of truth to their complaints.

    Notice a pattern yet? If you want to convince people that you are doing the right thing don’t immediately damn every person who has voice a complaint that has you raising your hackles. Not everyone is going to be a Pedo-supporter just because they object to what you are doing. Also, statements like:

    “The organization’s primary goal is to catch online predators. We don’t care how we do it as long as it’s legal and effective.”
    -No One of Importance

    That statement alone will cause many people who are only questioning the morals behind your actions to be proven correct. The ends justifys is an extremely dangerous argument to use, espeically when you have as many objections against your methods as you do.

    Same with everyone who has been criticizing PeeJ. Although I have come to believe that PeeJ has been taking things too far, some of the comments that you guys have made are going to the opposite extreme that PeeJ has been willing to go with their comments. As with PeeJ, use your arguments and logic to explain yourselves, not scathing acusations. Prove it with facts or it will be no different than PeeJ’s own heavy handed words.

    “…that have been zealously covered up by Phillip Eide (Xavier Von Erck’s “government name”)”

    Whether or not the statement is true the language used in it doesn’t need to be there.

    “Von Erck and his cronies gleefully harass busts, their families, and anyone who vocally opposes them.”
    -One Blonde

    Come on, this makes PeeJ sound like some sort of gang or mafia. While PeeJ may not be an organization whose methods I agree with, I would hardly call them ‘Cronies’ or that they take pleasure in harassing their busts. Sure, there may be one or two people who do, but that hardly proves that their entire organization does so. That’s just a logical fallacy.

    “We tunneled into Xavier Von Erck’s webcam. Watching him for over a month, he never knew we were there.”
    -Bobby Bobby

    What the heck are you doing Bobby Bobby? Not only are you sinking to the same level you claim PeeJ has been doing, but what you did is actually illegal. Think before you act.

    This entire conflict seems more like a pissing contest at time. Use arguments, not emotive language otherwise this just seems like two children caught in a giant name calling competition. Pointless.

    Finally, a message to PeeJ. Don’t just throw comments or criticism out of hand. Keep them and respond to them. If you really are cleaning out your forums without responding to the people in a civilized and reasoned fashion then you are proving that you don’t have a valid response to their accusations. I have no doubt that people have responded to your accusations in a similar manner, but that is bound to occur if you label everyone agaisnt you as someone who is a Pedo-Enabler. You may be doing the right thing, but your methods and your response to criticism means that you may be doing this in the wrong way.

  16. As somebody who has been a member of the PJ forums for several months now, and as someone who’s read this article through a few times, I feel that this time through warrants some comment. You’re right about many of the things you say, Consider This. This whole thing has devolved into a great big pissing contest, the result of which is that whether you support PJ or not has been rendered tantamount to whether you are a supporter of pedophilia or not. And, really, that’s a shame, because there are a lot of people who support the methods, if not the people.

    I just wanted to clarify a point that I’m surprised no one else has mentioned. From the time I joined early this fall to this very moment, I have only seen a small handful of people (I couldn’t give an exact number, but I’d guess around 5) who have been banned from the forums. In every single case, the reason they were banned has come from egregious violations of decorum — posting death threats, randomly insulting anyone and everyone who exists, or even just posting “OMG PEDOZ R KEWL” repeatedly. Outside of that, the only other two people I’ve heard of who had even been threatened with banning were two people who made a point of trying to act as true vigilantes, attempting to take down pedophiles by any means necessary, and who told people they were affiliated with PJ. Surely no one will challenge the validity of banning people who act in ways that might make the organization look bad? Honestly, it is a misrepresentation to label the banned as “having legitimate criticism”, because they simply didn’t. Now, in contrast to those people, I personally have asked questions about methodologies used, challenged comments that Administrators have made, and all but flashed a neon sign demanding they prove that the organization warrants my support. And you know what? I’m not banned, limited, or insulted in any way for asking that. I’ve never seen ONE person challenge the way PJ operates and be excommunicated as a result.

    As to the criticisms of Xavier Von Erck . . . well, he’s not my best friend. It’s nothing personal; our personalities just clash. He has positions on political issues that make me wince. Then again, I didn’t vote for the current President because he too has stances on issues that make me wince, but that doesn’t make him a pedophile, or pure evil, or whatever other nasty things people throw at him. It both amuses and frustrates me that people tend to harp on Xavier’s personality; it amuses me because it certainly seems as though it’s often done as a result of finding no complaints with his methodology, and it frustrates me because I fail to see how whether a person finds him palatable or not has anything to do with the work done by PJ. Frankly, if I were the target of as many threats as Xavier has dealt with, if enough people tried to deconstruct and demean every last aspect about me the way that people seem to do for him . . . well, I might have developed the snide, cynical attitude that he has. However, lest you forget, there are several other Administrators who are Xavier’s equals, and they operate under the radar coordinating interactions with law enforcement and district attorneys.

    Of course, there’s always the people who post on the forums that those opposed to PJ love to hate. Since no one else has said this, let me make it clear: IT’S A MESSAGE BOARD. Sure, Xavier runs it, but the vast majority of people who post there are not affiliated with PJ in any way other than as fans of it. In that group of thousands, yes, there are some people who might be a little gung-ho about being anti-pedophile. Hell, there are jaded people there I’ve out and out told off for being so eager to condemn anyone whose name appears in the same sentence as “sexual offense.” But, here’s the thing: the larger the group, the more an occasional nut or two is going to slip through. There are members of NARAL who think it’s perfectly acceptable to bomb abortion clinics and claim they’re doing it on orders from executives; are you telling me that you’re willing to blame NARAL for that? One or two NRA members have gone on killing rampages; it doesn’t make the NRA any less legitimate. Simply put, the amount of manpower that would be required to screen every potential member on the forum would be exhausting, and the Administrators have wisely chosen to focus on doing their jobs and trying to keep pedophiles off the streets rather than worrying who posts some anti-Bush rhetoric in a subforum.

    I’ve read, and I’ve read I’ve read Matty Carpenter’s accusations of PJ’s vigilantism, and I’ve read Xavier’s rebuttals. I’ve seen both sides of the pissing contest; I prefer to stay out of it. I can’t validate whether CJ did or did not spur PJ’s working with law enforcement, because I wasn’t there when it supposedly changed. I can’t validate much of anything he’s said. However, I was taught to view both sides of an issue very carefully before taking a side, and my personal opinion is that I find it a bit disconcerting that Carpenter has yet to refute the accusations made that he is a member of NAMBLA, that the posts supposedly attributed to him regarding his sexual attraction to young children are in fact his, etc. These accusations aren’t new; in fact, they’re several years old. I don’t know if they’re true or not, but if he’s had several years to refute them and has yet to do so, is it not reasonable to suggest that it is such because he can not in fact deny them? And, if that IS the case, would it not also stand to reason that the credibility of an admitted pedophile criticizing an organization dedicated to rooting out pedophiles is somewhat suspect? I’m not making any accusations of Carpenter myself; I’m not qualified to do so. My point is purely hypothetical, but certainly worth noting.

    I didn’t choose to post on PJ’s forums and to attempt to do my part to aid them because of Xavier’s personality or because CJ does or does not make sense. To me, it’s about the bottom line. Why does it matter WHEN PJ started working with law enforcement? The fact remains that they currently do. Even if Carpenter’s accusations are true, the date at which they supposedly made the change to working with law enforcement agencies was just over two years ago, well before Dateline started its “To Catch A Predator” series. Regardless of what organizational follies occurred in the past, my question is this: Is there anything they (the Administrators and Contributors, the ones who actually do the chatting) do today that is worthy of criticism? If there is, I’ll gladly listen. But if all anyone can accuse them of is having a bad-mannered leader or not operating at peak efficiency sometime in the past, then you have to wonder why they’re even bothering to complain?

    One more thing worth noting: It’s not like law enforcement officials and judges are somehow in cahoots with PJ in a concerted effort to screw over innocent people. Honestly, if PJ committed entrapment, or violated the alleged pedophiles rights, or used coercion or threats to ensure convictions, how would the chat logs be deemed admissible? As far as I have been able to find from statistics outside any that PJ uses, there hasn’t been a single case brought before any court where the alleged pedophile has been acquitted or the case dismissed. I mean, I have access to LexisNexis, and I’ve tried to find cases to counter that statement, and have yet to find any. With an organization as prevalent as PJ these days, wouldn’t a case getting thrown out make a news wire somewhere? Wouldn’t a judge telling them, “Your methods are inadmissible in my court because ___” have received coverage? People can come up with whatever reasons or excuses or justifications that they so choose, but I see that as proof positive that what PJ does actually works. And, frankly, if courts can live with it, and law enforcement can live with it, so can I.

  17. Consider This, when I say that most criticisms levied against our organization are wrong, I say so within the context of the thousands of throwaway attacks that we receive, all of which have a pre-made rebuttal in our site’s FAQ. Just about anyone who attacks us never reads the information on our website, which contains helpful answers to, well, our most frequently asked questions (gasp! wow!). The faulty criticisms you yourself pointed out make up the overwhelming majority of the flak we receive. To my knowledge, we receive very little well thought-out criticisms of our organization.

    As for the ends justifying the means, well, yes they do. However, we have no abstract under-riding ideology that would cause us to engage in amoral or self-contradictory behavior in order to realize those ideals (a la extreme religious or political organizations). Our only philosophy is that the actions of these predators are bad, that in order to be a predator you need to be proactive (you can’t be mr. wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time; we’ve encountered these people and they always go free), and that all the empirical evidence in the world, be it the millions of pages of documentation, or the collective memory of victims, suggests that all sexual encounters between children and adults are harmful to said children. So far, everything we’ve done has been completely transparent; we hide nothing from anyone visiting our site, and we have been ruthlessly scrutinized by just about every legal entity and their dog. Do you honestly think we haven’t changed over time? Just look at what A Casual Observer says: “Regardless of what organizational follies occurred in the past, my question is this: Is there anything they (the Administrators and Contributors, the ones who actually do the chatting) do today that is worthy of criticism?” So far, I also haven’t seen any criticism of our current methodology that we don’t have a legitimate rebuttal for. Were we to act in any way that goes beyond any legal or logical boundaries, we would be rightfully labeled as extremists and pursued as criminals.

    That said, I agree with you about Pennelope’s comments. Pennelope, you need to chill. No one is going to hell over the comments they’ve posted here, no matter how much they disagree with our organization. Our job is not to judge anyone, but to be pragmatic in our goal to rid the internet of pedophiles. Leave the judgment to the government.

  18. I don’t really care for the relationship between pj and Dateline. If they (pj) are so concerned about children and catching pedophiles, why the need for an agent to negotiate 6 figures to do what you feel is important work. Would they consider doing it at that level for free? Definitely a good message for the masses to see but seriously, raises some questions about media ethics (if there is such a thing)

    I personally think xavier built up pj to stroke his ego. If you’ve ever crawled through his angry german site, you might understand why I say this. Nothing wrong with being opinionated, but really, he’s awfully proud of himself.

    The whole pj / cj thing is retarded. You both have a cause, good for you. Pursue your cause but please, the childish name calling crap is truly ignorant.

    I also think pj should be careful. The cause is good but that doesn’t make it okay to use it as justification for smearing anyone that disagrees with them. Criticism can be a healthy thing.

  19. The vigilance of Perverted Justice has led to the conviction of 166 adults for attempting to have sex with children. This is an undeniable fact. I have yet to see any criminal charges pressed against any staff member of PJ other than Julie Cison’s feeble attempt at accusing PJ staff of harassment. (Her attempts at getting a restraining order were quickly denied by a judge in a court of law.)

    Then there are those who wail at the suicide of the pervert District Attorney in Texas. It was his choice to commit suicide just as it was his choice to troll online for illicit sex. Pity him if you want, but don’t forget something in your indulgence- he planned on having sex with a teenage boy.

    And he KNEW the law.

    I hope all of the Internet predators and their supporters are wetting their pants. I hope filthy and depraved men like Revolyob are afraid to go out in the daylight at the risk of being arrested. Anyone who supports or sympathizes with pedophiles deserve to be exposed, have their blogs taken down, and ostracized from the community. They deserve to rot in prison as well.

    Xavier Von Erck is certainly no bulwark of human virtue (he strikes me as someone who can be quite a jerk when you piss him off), but he has started a movement that is growing, both in fame and scale. The more pedophiles PJ puts in jail, the better and nothing Julie Cison and her lackies do will stop it. Parents will still demand that sodomites and predators like Conradt be placed in jail and law enforcement will continue to oblige.

    So cry a lake all you want. PJ is coming. And hell is coming with them.

  20. hi there is this perv and he asked me 2 meet him i said no ofcouse and then clocked on that he mite be 1 so i asked all these questions and he kept saying that i was a very clever and good girl and i went ur a perv and he admitied it i have the conversation saved he was also in a 14 yr old chatroom where he added me plz i want him stopped he said he lived in turkey but i dont beleve it i have his email address and his first name adam and his email address is i rely need him stopped i was so scared

  21. WOW. Thank you for this article. I have to admit, I watched every single Dateline episode when I caught it flipping through channels stoned — just watching the faces of the “perps” was some of the most compelling and amazing TV I’ve seen that wasn’t PBS. (And compared to Nova or Nature….yeah, nothing special.)

    I did wonder what was going on behind the scenes — these perverted justice folks sound dangerously stupid. The worst part is their paranoid attention-grabbing is a distraction/cover for the very real “pedophile cabals” that do exist, and do not in fact run wikipedia and google.

    This was an excellent read, thanks again, man.

  22. All I have to say is that PJ’s tactics are deploreable. Without resorting to personal attacks, I can say this: I am neither against or for their website but I am against their tactics. And don’t throw the strawman arguement that I’m a pedo because I’m not. Actually, I tried joining their message board and having logical discussion. I posted but ONE message and it was deleted because I was a member of corrupted-justice DOT com. Just food for thought- if they don’t like what you have to say, you loose your account. Simple as that.

  23. Look, I think we need to remove Xavier from the equation. Not only is he an asshole, he isn’t the supreme authority anymore. Frag and Del, two very nice and sensible human beings, share equal power with Professor X and have even prevented him from doing idiotic things which really would undermine our credibility. Diego, I disagree with him all the time. I’m a socialist, he’s a libertarian. I’ve even questioned some of his policy decisions, and I’m still around. It’s not about him anymore. Its about the rest of us. I’m sorry you got booted, but if you’re going to show up on the forums JUST to argue with us, well then you’re wasting your time and ours. Would you join the Association for People who Enjoy Playing the Kazoo while Wearing Purple Hats, only to show up at their meetings and decry their activities? You have every right to organize a counter organization or send us emails, but don’t join us if you’re not interested in helping.

    Thirtyseven, if you want to know what’s behind the scenes, take a look at our website. As I said before, we hide nothing, and we’re are constantly under the microscope of law enforcement. Do you honestly think we’ve managed to hoodwink every cop in the country? Or the FBI? I don’t think so.

  24. Jemma, if he has your contact information besides your SN, you need to go to the police ASAP. One thing you can do is go to (Virtual Global Task force) and hit the red “report abuse” button in the top right corner. If he was just messing around and being an asshole, ignore him, and tell people in the room to block him.

    You really shouldn’t be posting people’s email around the internet. I don’t know you so I can’t tell if you’re being truthful, but I sincerely hope this guy isn’t really some dude you just don’t like, because you will end up bringing him trouble he doesn’t deserve. Whatever the case may be, please stop posting his email around the internet. PeeJ only does it once the perv has been arrested and a convicted.

    I think Jemma’s post should be edited so that it no longer contains the email address.

  25. there is a pervert with the user name on yahoo games asking questions like do you like to spank people? with your hand or a belt i asked him if he was pervert and he said yes he followed me to several tables asking me the same perverted questions. look out for him or her.

  26. ok lets get soemthing straight here all of u are idiots and have not done any real research nor have u witnissed this kind of behavior. and this message is directed more towards the 20 yrolds getting arrested. you have to remember what has brought them to do such a thing in life. oh and before i continue not every guy who wants to have concentual sex with a minor is a horrible child molester who wants nothing more than to hurt your (child) beat her and leave her body for dead on the side of the road. now as i continue. do u ever wonder where these 20yr oldish guys got the idea to have sex with a minor it started with there first s/n when they were 12 yes people whn they were about the age to understand the internet and understand how to gain knowledge of sex so u figure these kids who start there online life as young as ten stay glued to the chat rooms feeding off as much sex as they can learning about sex wanting sex knowing this is the best place to possibly hook up with a girl so u figure the kid stays practically hypnotised to the comp for at least 3 hours a day and usually more for more than 300 days out of the year for over the next 6 years they continually chat online asking for sex wanting sex seeing who they can fuck. do u think that fantasy just goes away after the age of 18 when that shit becomes illigal. no it dosent its like an addiction and the older u get the more it consumes u because u feel as if youve missed out on that hot hot girl who showed you her tits or really good clevage online and u nvr tapped that so u wait for the one day u find some who has that same nice rack and is willing. people sex is a drug and the internet fuels that drug it dosent matter what perversion of sex there is the internet fuels it and when u take that needle or u take that crack away people become crazy here is the problem though people u cant take the internet away. this is a sick and unstoppable force and the worst thing is your not catching the real creeps the real people who really want to do harm to your child. Peej has convicted a whole 200 people there are over a million online (pedos) at any given time in america alone. and most of them are in training. these are the ones who are 12 and 13 or even as low as 10. my advice cut it off at the root
    u have to burn the root and i believe this is what could but will nvr be organized enouygh to work. this is the job of the parent
    take your damn child off the fucking internet there is no reason a 13 yr old needs to be in a chatroom they shouldnt even have teen chatrooms
    maybe at 16 they should get a s/n if u wouldnt leave your child in a room full of strangers somewhere far away then dont do it at home in a chatroom either. u tell them since the day they were born not to talk to strangers and than u let them chat in a chatroom what a bunch of screw ups u are worst of all your 12 13 14 and 15 yrold daughters are maturing at a faster rate and wanting sex even more because of this because they to want sex just as bad as a teen boy and so they feed there sex drive off that sexual chat. as long as 13yrold are online showing more than half there bodies on line and some will even expose all of there bodies then guess what your gonna have pedos. oh and one more thing pedophilia is the love of prepubescent young boys ephobophilia which is not a commonly known word is the love of post pubescent young girls or boys most of the guys they cathc wouldnt even think about touching your 7yrold it wouldnt even cross there minds to touch a 10 yrold infact 90 percent of them get disgusted at even the mere thought of even touching a 10 yrold. by the way a guy who shows up with a gun alcohol ducktape rope drugs or knives and god forbid all of the above including cement bricks in his trunk really scares me. the guy who brings in a mcdonalds bag and a condom does not scare me one bit. i work with a detective once a week and the other day the had a look out for a guy who shot a father and made his family watch that that shit bothers me y cant we catch more of those people. and people please be rational about the witch hunt for pedos if we caught every pedo our prisons and jails would be maxed out and guys like the one i mentioned above who shot a father would be running around everywhere. a man kills someone and getrs out 30 yrs ltr like it was nothing a guy gives a 13yrold a willing orgasm and gets thrown in prison put on a sex offender for the rest of his life and on top of that deserves to be raped by bubbah and put in front of a firing squad. please dont take me the wrong way i hate the really sick people of this world just as much as the next but id much rather sit next to a guy who knows hot to use his prick then a guy who knows how to shoot a gun.

  27. Basically, although, Ryan, you could have used more periods and capital letters and spaces to make it a little bit easier to read – haha – you have the most valid arguement.

    Let’s get something straight – do you know when the time is that human females are naturally the most viable for producing offspring?

    That’s right – around the age of 15. Now, although I think it is wrong for molesters to force little boys or girls into having sex with them or manipulating them into having sex with them – it has got to vary based on age because let’s face it –

    as Dave Chappelle once brilliantly said ” How old is 15 really?”

    Really, how old is 15? What do you think you were capable of doing at 15? Were you that naive that you did not know what sex was or whether you wanted to have it or not?

    Not a hard decision to make – a 6 year old can tell when shit is fishy as far as sexual predators – I know when I was that age I would tell the doctor to go to hell when I had to get a physical and they had to grab your balls and tell you to cough.

    Kids are smart – they aren’t fucking automatons – empty shells with no brains.

    But they still are not the wisest nonetheless – all I am saying is I think that there should be some sort of age range – for all ages after someone reaches puberty-

    Because you know what – an 18 year old girl is not as wise as a 55 year-old business tycoon – so I say instead of convicting a 20 year old for trying to have sex with a girl 5 years younger than him – aka 15 –

    Why doesn’t perverted justice go after 55 year olds that marry 18 yearold trophy wives?

    You know why – because it’s all bullshit. People with power do whatever they want – rape, molest, murder – the sky’s the limit if you have money and power.

    If not and you are that desperate to try to get ass from a 15 yearold girl when you’re 20 – you are going to get fucked over by Chris Hansen and to catch a Predator.


    I’d say that 70% of the people they catch on To Catch a predator are horny nerds in their 20s that in all reality would not hurt a fly – but are so desparate that they try to hook up with a 15 year old.

    I think Perveted Justice needs to hire me – because I’d cut the bull on that and I’d find the REAL predators – none of these fake wanna-be-predators that are just more desparate than anything.

    It’s like putting the class nerd in a jail with murders and labeling them as a molester so that they can get killed and raped in jail WHEN THEY ACTUALLY DIDN’T PHYSICALLY DO ANYTHING AT ALL!

    They were lured there. The girl is either 18 and a lot of times 22 that they use as a decoy. It seems like it is done all for ratings. The people that come are just retarded and desparate I’d say 70% of the time and 30% of the time are actually really weird creepy old men.

    But that’s not a good ratio – convicting 7 people that just did something really stupid to put the 3 that really did deserve it in jail with them out of every 10 they catch and convict.

    SCREW THAT – Perverted Justice – you need me as your new CEO – I’d shift focus to where you really find predators – parks, schools, that creepy gym teacher that you know is a rapist and its so obvious but somehow no one says anything.

    We could visit Frat Parties and clubs where underage girls with their fake ids get in and get date raped after drinking 3 beers and 2 shots.

    Basically – I’d get the real molesters and without the cameras – I’d do it freelance and I’d find you the people that really deserve jail time.

    And I’d Cut the bullshit.

  28. i could not agree more with u. i couldve used more periods and punctuations but the more i wrote the more upset i got and i really didnt give a fuck. also i think my paragraph may have been tampered or edited i thought i wrote more than that. anyway u seem like a person of brains who cares more about the problem than seeing who can slander the other the most. please keep in mind i there is no real difference between a 22 yr old and your daughters 14 yrold B/F they both want the same thing the 14 yrold is just as capable of coersing and drugging and molesting your daughter as the 22 yrold. and people be serious rape is rape and consentual sex with a female old enough to bleed and have tits is still consentual sex. this is a message to the dumb ass hormonal males in the world. there is nothing pleasureful about fucking a virgin particularly if shes 13 id much rather fuck a 14 yrold who knows what shes doing than a girl i dont really care about or a girl i have no feeling for. the only thing your gonna do is cause alot of emotional and physical pain for her and i can guarantee your not gonna be all that pleased. so please fucking stop. here are some ideas of how to make sure its not a decoy. if she knows nothing about sex LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE. if she is brave anough to have sex with u but wont show her tits on cam. LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE. i had consentual sex with a 17 yrold once and yes she was a virgin and let me tell u it sucked. i had consentual sex with my 16 yrold G/F who lost her v card at 13 and sex was fucking awsome by far the best chick ive evr had.

  29. this one is to REAL PROBLEM. i think u should be the ceo and ive also pondered building a site called injustice let me know if youd like to help and maybe we can explain to the world what really goes on on the internet. not just one side of the story and hopefully together we can put a stop to real disgusting child pornography which is by far alot more vulger and disturbing than some dumb ass who shows up at a house with a condom. there are so many more issues reguarding this topic id love to discuss including the use of peej’s merchandise line. instead of saying ( squeeze no childs behind.) shouldnt it say (leave no child online) let me know what u think i have aim and yahoo.

  30. OK where to begin lets start with this paedophilia is the love of prepubescent youngboys we are dealing alot more with in the ephobophilia range with tcap. ephobophilia is the love of postpubescent young girls. now i know all u high strung volvo driving soccer moms are deeply feared and ignorant to the fact that your daughter might be sexually advancing towards an older guy but please no need to over react. 1 in 4 males that u know if given the chance would have sex with an underage girl. almost 90 percent of all the times this happens in the country it is willing only a very few and discusting percent actually involves children bieng molested or harmed. u nvr hear about the millions of cases where young girls will meet older guys and have hot consentual sex u only hear about the dozen or so a year that the media puts out in which a girl was brutally raped and murderd. If u are a parent and your 13 yr old daughter is finding some 30 40 50 or 60 yrold guy sexualy attractive and sexually arrousing to her then maybe u the parent should be shot. ephobophilia has been around since the dawn of man a hundred yrs ago the age of consent was 10 50 yrs ago this wasnt a big deal at all for a 25 yrold to marry a young 14 yrold onlyt in the past 20 yrs have we begun trying to shelter our children and strike fear in them and our selves. bieng gay used to be the most horrible crime in america now its accepted as socially cool. tcap will nvr catch all the predators ephobophilia isnt a drug it isnt a disease its a naturally born instinct the instinct for man to survive knowing that at a young age girls will tend to give birth to healthy young off spring though its been advanced a little bit to logical thinking now a days it is still a naturally occuring born instinct that like with most instincts can be blocked out. so guess what soccer moms and u will nvr and i mean nvr get every last paedophile off the streets. at any given time in america there are over a millions pedos online trying to catch a date with your young adult teenager if u put every wana be pedo in prison or jail for showing up to a house with a condom in habd and a penis there wouldnt be any room for the real sick people the ones who know hot to shoot guns and know how to kill with out mercy who give drugs and alcohol to your kids and teach them how to be pawns. no offense but id much rather stand next to a guy who tried giving a 14 yrold an orgasm then a guy who just got out for murdering someone. there are 2 really good reasons to keep your children off the net reason 1 so they wont get an unwanted penis between there legs and 2 so they themselves dont become predators. most of these younger guys there catching started doing this when they were 12
    yep thats right 12 when they first logged on with a s/n and founf out how accessible sex with girls there own age was whether they ever meet the person or just fantasy its still sex. so u figurs your kid spends at least 2 hours on the comp every day till hes 18 and after that hes just supposed to up and stop soliciting minors for sex wrong just like ciggaretes its an addiction and a very strong one that cannot be stopped easily its like theyve been hypnotised and desencotized by porn or the thrill of seeing young girls show their tits on the net. which i dont blame them usually after about 20 girls are no longer the hotties they were at 14 they develop cellulite there tits sag to there knees they drink and smoke and have been around the block more than a couple of times and on top of that they think there so independant and have no descency left in them at all. so these guys turn back to the firm titied 14 yrold with no celulite no drug problems and no emotional baggage. remember 50 yrs ago this was not a big deal. so please parents and your hearing this straight from an ephobophiliacs mouth. GET YOUR DAMN KIDS OFF THE INTERNET. 95 percent of all those people who show up on tcap wouldnt even think about touching youd 7yrold daughter. as many of u think these people are animals but remember not even a mause would laugh at another mouse who just got caught in a trap for eating chesse. u know what i have a serious problem with necrophilia thats right fucking a corpse if thats not the most extreme form of rape i dont know what is. people u need to think past your baseball caps and see the bigger picture your daughters 14 or 15 or 16 yo bf is just as much capable of rapping her as a 25 yrold man or older. by the way the success of actually meeting a young girl online is something like 1 in 200 provided u even have the means such as transportation to do so. please e-mail me all u want id love to hear from u . oh and please dont send me hate letters and dont tell me how much your gonna turn my name into the cops or police or peej or feds or your commanding officer trust me there allready investigating me and still cannot find anything because in all actuality ive done nothing wrong than state an opinion of mine.

  31. I may be a couple weeks late, but…

    Just an anal bitch here to correct something.

    Over and over and over again I see the word ‘pedophile’ where ‘child molester’ should be. There is a world of difference between pedos and child molesters.

    Pedophiles–true pedophiles–don’t want to have sex with children.

    Okay, that’s not entirely true, but they are aware of the law and, in the right state of mind, abide by it entirely.

    These people–pedophiles–they were born the way they are. Why should they be damned or ostracized for being something they didn’t choose to be? It’s akin to heterosexist or racist behavior. Besides being pedophiles, they are standing members of their respective communities. I knew an admitted pedophile once. Best damn grade school teacher I’ve ever seen. He’s moved on to high school now and I still keep in touch with him. Though he’s an admitted pedo, he’s never once touched a child, and he never will. He loves them too much.

    Child molesters, on the other hand, are very, very different. For them, having sex with children has literally nothing to do with love. They want CONTROL, and to get that, they seek the easiest target–children.

    They don’t love kids. They see them as objects.

    Child molesters are the monsters here.

    Pedophiles deserve to have their names cleared because they have done *nothing* to harm any children. I have never harmed any child in my life and with God as my witness I will not.

    Now onto the matter at hand.

    I have no doubt in my mind that PeeJ’s vigilante actions are unforgivably immoral. I agree that child molesters should be taken off the street, but these people are aiming to completely destroy their lives.

    Whatever happened to having a second chance? Why can’t these people, with PeeJ at the control, be given a chance to atone, to regret, to make better of themselves? Everyone deserves a second chance, in my eyes. Everyone.

    And before someone asks ole Enraged “what if it’s YOUR family”…well, same thing. If the molester/killer wants to atone, if he regrets what he has done, I will give him a chance to make better of himself–because if I were in his shoes, if I deplored myself for what I had done, I would hope in the bottom of my heart that I be given a second chance. I’m sure some child molesters feel the same way.

    So none of that kthx.

    That’s all I have to say on this subject.


  32. “which I were not all that interested in anyways.”
    Oh boy, this isn’t just a college drop out, this is somebody who hasn’t been “all the interested” since around 6th grade.

  33. Regarding Von Erck, it is wise to remember that those who’s voices are the loudest usually have the most to hide.

    And it’s worthwhile to note that the vast majority of predators are family members and they far outweigh those who seek out prey online. P-J and their televised spectacle are nothing more than a sick reality show scam, out of make money from someone’s abuse.

  34. O.K.—–I guess io dont have anything profound to say…no long winded comments.–
    Only that N.B.C. & P.J. give me an ill feeling ..I’ve wached the series & was sicked by the perverted lack of justice {P.L.J.} that the entraped victims & there familys were subjected to.—-OOH…I KNOW….WHAT ABOUT THE ! 12 year old that did not exist!
    Exactly…They did not exist!…Therefore no crime!!…..I can’t wait until i’m busted for thinking i would like to smoke a joint , or for a hundred other things i may or may not think of. ….Thought Police….Thought it was in a book called “1984”??? Think Again!!
    IT’S HERE!!…..O.K. I guess i was long winded after all….Sorry i get that way when my {or anybody’s} Rights are trampled on.—–Long Live Freedom!!!

  35. The pissing match between CJ and Peej is immature and bullshit, I’m not taking sides here, but if CJ was “insignificant” as Peej claims then why create a site called to attack detractors from and smear their reputations online, and make it bad for them offline as well, remember if those people from that are profiled at where to apply for a new job and the employer googles their name, they are screwed, no employer is going to hire someone who has the label pedoenabler, pedophile attached to their name, even if its libelous and not true, it can have devastating conseqences to a person. Thanks to, people who are profiled from can almost kiss their prospects of any jobs down the drain. The Internet is a libelous machine, anyone can libel you and practically get away with it, thanks to Google. Google caches every damn word out there just about. The damage is done, calling people who disagree with you pedosympathizers or pedoenablers or even worse, flat out pedophiles is stupid and immature. I do not partake in any of this nonsense bullshit pissing match between the two sites, it does make for interesting reading though.

  36. “I hope all of the Internet predators and their supporters are wetting their pants.”

    Yup. That’s exactly what’s happening. For once in history the kids are winning for a change and the pedophiles are pissing themselves. Good work Perverted Justice and the law enforcement who grew with them.

    Law enforcement has received training from them and LE in turn trained others, and it’s gone international (300 busted by Interpol on child porn charges, and they’re going after the offenders in the videos rounded up too. Wonderful stuff Perverted Justice started here. )

    I’d say Perverted Justice went above and beyond their initial mission of cleaning up chat rooms, they’ve made history and permanently turned the tide for children from being easy prey who no one could, or knew how, to protect, to being highly protected, and their justice finally getting received.

    “The pissing match between CJ and Peej is immature and bullshit”

    Precisely. which is why no one at PeeJ has bothered to even address it. I think the CJ site is actually dying last I heard. Not many takers . Alot of the perverts busted by law enforcement or PeeJ do try to join, some made it, but most are not allowed by CJ (wonder why). If you check it out their membership is quite low. They’re having real trouble finding actual “falsely accused victims of PeeJ”. There are none folks. The volunteers at Perverted Justice are exposing people to law enforcement who are dangerous, otherwise law enforcement would not pursue them. I hope the folks at CJ wake up someday.

    Perverted Justice aren’t vigilantes. They’re informants of the highest order. They leave the police work to police. There’s thousands of kids who are going to grow up healthier/safer for their work and grateful for exposing their abusers and helping them get justice. God Bless them and those who support them. I love what they do.

    And for the families of pedophiles? Not your fault loves. Your loved ones need help, and need to be exposed-preferably in private, but when families don’t know or are too afraid/frozen to act, we need to know from others who care, like Perverted Justice and police, so you can rein them in from harming themselves and others.

    I had one in my family. Brought me great pleasure to bury him when he killed hismelf when he got busted by police for abusing another little girl rather than go to trial for his deeds. I gave him a proper burial (ok, I really didn’t want to, and I smiled when I gave the order to cremate and put him in a really cheap urn, the $25 dollar one. And no, I didn’t speak at his wake. Hell, he’s lucky i gave him one. I’m a nice gal)

    I found out by a call from Florida PD about the suicide, and a little girl he harmed was denied her justice. I was denied the chance to help him by bringing him to justice, he was denied the chance to learn from this and get help. Everyone lost because of his selfishness. How do I know he was guilty? Not another falsely accused politically pursued victim? Because he did it to me when I was a little girl twenty+ years ago, and I moved away and never spoke to him again. Worst mistake I’d ever made. Wish I had spoken out. I could have put him in jail or in a program and protected other children from him. He offed himself instead when that little girl had the courage to speak up. The ultimate act of selfishness he did rather than face this problem. No tv cameras, no press. Nice and quiet like. A chance to get help and heal, and he chose to take the easy way out instead. And PeeJ had nothing to do with it. This goes on all over the country, in all strata, and PeeJ did not invent it nor cause it. They just expose it.

    So, for those who think Perverted Justice is only out to “get” pedophiles, well, they are, they’re getting them out of the darkeness they’ve operated in for so long. I wish they’d been around was I was a little girl. I would have done things very differently. I would have known how important it was to bring these things to light and make them right/face them. We’ll never know how to develop and implement effective programs to address pedohpilia if its never exposed or even talked about and they keep offing themselves or hiding rather than face this issue.

    And blogs like this one, dogging the work of those who are making the first real positive and effective movements in the right direction do nothing but expose the ignorance still out there (but thankfully, a helluva lot less people are ignorant. I forsee great progress in the protection of children and handling of pedophilia in a more effective and open-discussion way)

    We have a long way to go. No doubts, but I know we’re heading in the right direction. I thank Perverted Justice for starting that, and continuing that.

  37. “If you check it out their membership is quite low. They’re having real trouble finding actual “falsely accused victims of PeeJ”.”

    Of course, they are having trouble, to be honest I highly doubt the people who run will ever shutdown. What boggles me, is to why Dodger owner of,aka Scott Morrow from Canada, started up the site, when he has no business even complaining as Peej is not in his country. He picked the wrong issue to complain about. The problem lies with the site owner’s (Dodger) ego in case your wondering, he will not swallow his pride and say, “You know this is pointless and is going no where” and just cease operation. Some of his higher up’s are not too bright, especially CJBW, what does she care about Peej, no one in her family was busted by them, so why even care. To sum it up, should be ashamed of themselves for trying to aide child sex solicitors. I seem to recall their hidden forums were downloaded and there were tons of threads from Peej busts and CJ admin giving advice on how to hide. Lets not forget Julie Cison, she finally woke up and left If they cared about civil rights, they would fight for civil rights for everyone, not just for people who solicit minors online.

  38. For years I’ve known that those enticing other indviduals on line were in essence getting turned on themselves. It’s a virtual impossibilty not to and the fact that certain (usually) Small Police Dept.s devote time to this spectacle upon the urging of NBC says loads about the True nature of Justice.

    It may indeed be difficult to have real sympathy for most of the individuals hauled in for the embarrasment of their lives but few of them have the Matthew Hopkins or Torquemada syndrome that the PJ crew would probably like to implement IF they had the power. Instead they get their “Private Jollies” by seeing others Sweat . There is a Five Letter NY originated word for these types beginning with a P****.

    Hopefully the Public will tire of this nonsense in time but then again Jerry Springer still goes on .

  39. “Regarding Von Erck, it is wise to remember that those who’s voices are the loudest usually have the most to hide.”

    Regarding Von Erck, well he may own our organization, but the wheels that turn PeeJ are no longer directly under his control, which was his goal to begin with. PeeJ is a group effort. If you want to attack what we do, the lamest thing to do is to posit that Erck is hiding something. Such ill founded conjecture is the mainstay of media spectacle.

    “And it’s worthwhile to note that the vast majority of predators are family members and they far outweigh those who seek out prey online. ”

    AIDS is much more common than Ebola in Africa. Many more people are dying of it. I suppose, therefore, that international health organizations should ignore Ebola altogether? The reasoning that most predators are not online predators, and therefore should be ignored, is idiocy. I agree that there are fewer online predators than there are familial predators. But ignore smaller problems, and they grow into big ones. There are lots of organizations out there that are doing tremendous work combating family/domestic child abuse, and we applaud them. But we’ve carved a niche for ourselves fighting child abuse online, in which only a fraction of our energy is spent doing busts on TCAP. The size of the problem we’re fighting doesn’t invalidate our actions by any stretch of the imagination.

    “P-J and their televised spectacle are nothing more than a sick reality show scam, out of make money from someone’s abuse.”

    In a country where Spectacle (and I do mean the postmodern studies term with a capital S) is the largest facet of culture, TCAP makes for a convenient introduction to what we do. But if you read the chatlogs, which take a long time and are not FUN to take in, if you see how we have been reaching out to children and abuse victims, how we have exposed the vast and mobilized pedophile subculture online, you will see that our true MO is pragmatism and a real concern for children online. We do not benefit at all from anyone’s abuse.

  40. Well, i guess perv or not its his/her right to do that.
    We can only pray that our kids and our family not fall into any perv in this world.

  41. Im always blown away that people are still falling for this. I guess it most really be a sickness. Sad if you think about it.

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