Has Michael Crook Harrassed You?

Note: The above screen capture is from a 2005 Fox News Channel appearance. The image has been re-inserted on November 15th, 10 business days after filing a counter-notice (PDF) in response to a DMCA takedown notice filed by Michael Crook which forced its removal soon after it was originally published.

Are you a blogger or webmaster who tried to cover the story of DMCA fraudmeister, Michael Crook, only to be served a DMCA takedown notice by him? Maybe you covered the antics he's performed with websites he owns such as forsakethetroops.info, craigslist-perverts.org, racismworks.com, or denytheholocaust.com. Did you choose to comply with his DMCA notices in order to avoid the possibility of legal action? If so, then your story could help 10 Zen Monkeys and the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their civil lawsuit against Crook. Please take some time to tell us your story. It's the best way to help ensure that nefarious griefers like Crook are no longer able to use the DMCA to violate Free Speech and quell critical commentary. We would also ask that you post a link to this page on your website(s) to help broadcast our call as far as possible. Below is a graphic and HTML that you can put on your site:
Crook vs. the Internet

<a href="https://www.10zenmonkeys.com/crook-harrassment-collection/"> <img src="http://mondoglobo.net/images/crook-v-internet.jpg"> </a>
For all the latest on the lawsuit and related events, start here. Otherwise, please contact us now with the details of your Michael Crook experience! {mailform}

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