Mondology Volume 1 Free Audio Download

Over the past 18 or so months, The RU Sirius Show and MondoGlobo Network have been sharing audio evidence of the sometimes illuminating dementia that possesses your humble host (me); my many frequent or occasional co-hosts; and our gracious and astonishing array of brilliant guests and musical contributors.

With this Creative Commons collection, we've singled out some particularly fine, funny, poignant and rockin' moments from the RU Sirius Show. Some of these readings, mash-ups and tunes tap gently on your head; some tickle your funny bone; and some, we hope, will drill a hole right through your skull.

I listened to the whole thing, through headphones, in one sitting, and I feel pretty confident that you will find that it conveys a terrible beauty; a hideous absurdity; a deflating irony; a sense of wonder; a confrontation with truth; a nefarious web of deception; and the profound certainty that there's... like... some kind of noise in your ear.

And although I recommend that you too bite off the full Mondology experience in one gulp at some point, I also invite you to taste those morsels that appear the most appetizing. Like what you hear? Cool. Then, pass them around. Share them with the other kids in the playground. It's OK. Just don't tell the Principal.

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