“Scientology Fugitive” Arrested

Keith Henson

On Friday, Arizona police arrested a 64-year-old man — a fugitive since 2001 in a bizarre war that mixes free speech, copyright law, and the Church of Scientology.

Keith Henson's journey began seven years ago while innocuously watching another critic mock the group on an internet newsgroup. In a gonzo discussion about procuring a "Tom Cruise missile," they'd joked about working with "Secret Agent 99, wearing a stunning black leather biker outfit." Other posters joined in the internet discussion, asking whether Tom Cruise missiles are affected by wind."No way," Keith joked. "Modern weapons are accurate to a matter of a few tens of yards."

The police were informed of his "threatening" posts, and Henson was arrested.

The police tipsters were the Scientologists themselves, who had already been the targets of an annoying picketing campaign by Henson over the death of a woman near their complex. Besides Henson's inability to acquire long-range missiles, his wife notes bitterly that it would be impossible for any church members in the complex to feel threatened by the internet posts, since they aren't even allowed to access the internet. Scientology officials have also claimed Henson followed their employees home — though Henson counters that "the same people who claimed to have been 'terrorized' by the picketers offered to take them to lunch on June 25, 2000, evidently to distract them from the death scene being cleaned up."

Though Henson was found innocent of long-range missile terrorism, for his activities he was convicted of interfering with a church — a California hate crime for which he received a six-month misdemeanor prison sentence. But Henson said he feared his life would be in danger from Scientologists if he were imprisoned - and he fled to Canada in 2001.

He was already bankrupt from an earlier ruling that he'd infringed on Scientology copyrights. But Henson continued picketing Scientologists in Toronto, and they apparently retaliated by informing Canadian police of his presence. (Henson believes the Scientologists told police he was a terrorist and bomb maker.) L.A. Weekly reported two unmarked vans pulled up and "a handful of emergency-services task-force officers — Canada's version of a police SWAT team — spilled out, wearing body armor and carrying submachine guns." Describing the event, the EFF reported Henson was "arrested in a shopping mall parking lot, by a heavily armed paramilitary unit."

EFF Executive Director Shari Steele argued that Free speech was at stake in his case: "This trial seems intended to punish Mr. Henson for his opposition to a powerful organization using the barest thread of legal justification to do so."

His wife added in an interview with a Canadian newsweekly that "It's horrifying to me and to his friends how they've managed to twist his words."

Henson was ultimately released from a Canadian jail after filing an application for political asylum — reportedly the first ever accepted for review by the Canadian government, and for the next three years he lived as an expatriate in Canada, awaiting their decision.

When asked to describe life in Canada, he replied "colder." As the years rolled by, Henson explained his picketing strategy evolved out of a desire to have a real impact. In a 2005 interview he argued that heavy-handed legal tactics intimidated police from acting against the organization, and "Starving Scientology of new members is perhaps the best we can do."

But when Canadian officials reached a decision in 2005, Henson was suddenly filled with concern. The hearing could result in his deportation back to the prison where he feared for his life. He reportedly said, "I'm not going to be shoved across the border into the hands of Scientologists," Henson slipped out of Canada, returning to fugitive status, and joked that he was hiding in the Mortmain Mountains — the treachorous range in Lemony Snicket books.

For 17 months he lived on the lam. Yesterday, in the small town of Prescott, Arizona — the law finally caught up with him. Henson had been driving his wife's car, and when stopped by police, was soon informed of the outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was taken into custody, and faces extradition back to the California prison he's feared for the last six years. Saturday morning Henson's wife, identifying herself as a "soon to be widow," issued a plea asking the public for legal help, publicity — "anything but the usual Scientology private eyes who have harassed her for years."

Henson has a long history of activity within tech culture. He was one of the founders and leaders of the L5 Space Colony movement in the 1970s. (California's new Attorney General, Jerry Brown, was also in the L5 orbit when he was Governor of that state.) He was a close associate of K. Eric Drexler while Drexler was conceiving nanotechnology. He has also been active in the digital encryption movement, and has been associated with the Transhumanist movement — particularly Extropy Institute.

Former Extropy Institute members and other well wishers have already created a legal defense fund. There is also now a "Free Keith Henson" blog where people can keep track of new developments. Henson has many friends and late Friday night one supporter even called the jail, according to a Usenet post, and spoke to a prison staffer.

"I asked if he'd tell Keith that Tory sent her love. And I asked him to please watch after Keith."

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83 thoughts to ““Scientology Fugitive” Arrested”

  1. Keith Henson is obviously psychotic, being irrationally afraid of the group he was attacking. The only thing Keith Henson has to be afraid is his own psychotic mind. Terrorist treats are serious and if the court found him guilty there had to be a powerful reason behind it. He could have been the next Timothy McVeigh. Good thing he was stooped.

  2. Questions:

    1. When a Catholic complains to police about someone harassing them, do you automatically blame the entire Catholic church?

    2. Why did Henson run away when staying and fighting it in court would have called attention to his cause?

    It’s really sad he wasted so much of his life on the run, because I think he actually had a good chance of beating the charges. Paranoia about Scientology is the problem here, not Scientology.

    I hope this all ends swiftly and happily for everyone involved, and hopefully he can go home free.

  3. Keith Henson’s wife, Arel Lucas, reports that Keith is asking supporters to call the Governor of California…

    “When I just talked to him, Keith requested phone calls made to both governors.

    To the Governor of California: why did you sign a “governor’s
    warrant” for Keith’s extradition? This is not generally done except
    in felony cases. What is the charge of obstruction of justice, and
    how was it urged?

    I would add, what on earth would make you spend money needed for
    public health and safety issues on dragging back to California a
    64-year-old engineer who has never done anyone any harm and who has
    been living peacefully both in Canada, where he sought formal asylum
    from death threats connected with an unduly harsh sentence, and in the
    United States since he returned from Canada?

    The Governor of Arizona has to sign his extradition warrant as well.
    Please try to dissuade her from doing so. It is probably better for
    Keith if he does his time here. In the meantime we will be working to
    try to straighten out the mess in California.

    Thank you for your support. Please pass this on.”

  4. Hosé Himirez sez: “Keith Henson is obviously psychotic, being irrationally afraid of the group he was attacking. The only thing Keith Henson has to be afraid is his own psychotic mind. Terrorist treats are serious and if the court found him guilty there had to be a powerful reason behind it. He could have been the next Timothy McVeigh. Good thing he was stooped.”

    Sure! – Terrorist threats are serious. But take note that the court DISMISSED the charge of threats. Mr. Henson was convicted for ‘intefering with a religion’, and at that it was not mentioned that the ‘religion’ was $cientology.

    Lets hear what $cientologys inventor has to say re. terrorist threats:

    L. Ron Hubbard Says:

    “the law can be used very easily to harass … The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage, rather than to win – if possible, of course, ruin [the target] utterly”

    Looks like that’s what’s being done to Mr. Henson doesn’t it?

    If it is, then that’s done in contempt of the intire justice system! – But what the heck, $cientology is in contempt of humanity, so what’s new?

    Read more here:

  5. “Ivan Jimenez Says:
    February 4th, 2007 at 12:31 pm
    Keith Henson is obviously psychotic, being irrationally afraid of the group he was attacking. The only thing Keith Henson has to be afraid is his own psychotic mind. Terrorist treats are serious and if the court found him guilty there had to be a powerful reason behind it. He could have been the next Timothy McVeigh. Good thing he was stooped.”

    Dear Ivan Jimenez,

    Where did you get your degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice?

    People who are interested in the truth about Henson will read this:


    We can all decide for ourselves whether or not Henson or his character assassin Ivan Jimenez should be “stooped”.



  6. Too bad for “Ivan Jimenez” that Keith Henson was never convicted of terrorism, and there’s absolutely nothing irrational about being afraid of actions by the Church of Scientology. Look up Paulette Cooper and “Operation Freakout” for a look at just part of their standard playbook against critics.

  7. The comments that Keith is bad or this or that, coming from Scientologists is to be expected, unfortunately. Scientologists have officially branded Keith an “enemy” of their church. What is frightening is the huge numbers of L. Ron Hubbard doctrines that faithful Scientologists are obligated by Hubbard to follow. Hubbard details in his church writings all the negative characteristics of people the church selects to target as their enemies, and that’s how the group will operate from here on out, until they somehow evolve internally and revise the Hubbard policies they are stuck executing. Smearing, harassing, selecting which “enemies” to attack and “put a head on a pike,” unwittingly the movement is stuck with iron-bound rules and policies that bring disgrace to themselves as a new religious movement by their counter-attack tactics against informed critics of Scientology. Hopefully, the Scientologists gain some humility and learn what other older religious traditions learned. Maybe not. I work to encourage former staffers and former members to spill the beans on the behind the scenes disgraceful activities, especially the despicable recent years conditions at the very facility that Keith Henson was doing his protest demonstrations when he was supposedly interrupting their religious practice. Some ex members who were present at the Gilman Hot Springs facility have leaked out alarming data on conditions at this church facility, an atmosphere well deserving public notice and need of reform: http://tinyurl.com/2oc6jh
    In my opinion the church lined Keith up, inflamed him, etc., and how the movement propagandizes and warps the minds of its members into even considering that they have “enemies.” Hubbard’s Scientology is heavily laden with rules and policies, and until some outside scholarly types take on the mass of Hubbard’s writings and put them in perspective, somehow the Scientology movement must reform itself of it’s disgraceful behavior.
    Until they reform, expect for the Scientology movement to continue it’s tactics of selecting and “putting heads on pikes” of it’s imagined and carefully targetted and maligned “enemies.”

    Chuck Beatty
    ex lifetime staffer, Scientology movement,

  8. Ivan,

    being irrationally afraid? Have you seen the damage this cult has done not only to my country, the USA. But around the world. The very fact that this cult will try to destory anyone who is brave enough to speak out against them should scare all of us to death.

    scientology speaks of Human Rights all the time. But those rights seem only to apply to members of scientology. The right to protest is one of the most basic and importent rights in this country. No american should be arested for peace ful protest.

    scientology will pay for this huge mistake. I will make sure every blog, every web site and every person I know hears of this. And I am not alone. Am I too interfering with a regilion? No, I am stopping a deadly cult.

    American’s don’t like it when our basic rights are abused. And I bet you are going to learn this real fast.


    Make your voices heard over this outrage. Make phone calls, write e-mails, donate to any defence fund set up.

    Contact everyone you can think of. Send scientology a loud and clear message.

    We will not let you strip our rights away.
    We will not let you steal the souls of our loved ones.
    We will not let you hurt those who can’t help themselfs.

    We outnumber you a million to one and you have crossed the line. Not only will our freedom loving foot step on you, but we will also enjoy the crunching sound.

    If you want to be treated like a church, try acting like one.

  9. http://ocmb.lermanet.us/discussion/viewtopic.php?t=388
    Sunday February 4, 2007
    Citizens Against Corruption
    dba Lermanet.com Exposing the CON


    Keith Henson was charged with terrorism and those charges were dropped.

    That the keyword terrorist has been CONTRIVED to appear
    in what appears to be data from the NCIC database, is more evidence
    of tampering with official government computer resources by someone who has access on behalf of scientology.

    There is a previous tenuous bit of evidence of tampering of NCIC database records, for the Warrant for the Arrest in Florida of Martin Eugene Ingram,
    one of scientology’s dirty ex-cops they hired as a private investigator.
    Eugene Ingram was a prior associate of mob crime boss attorney Elliot Abelson before Abelson saw value in becoming a scientologist.

    When Keith went to Canada, the terrorist allegations were used to frame him in Canada and a SWAT team held Keith Henson and friend Greg Hagglund at gunpoint in a shopping center. This is how they attempt to file charges and associate anyone with him as a terrorist. The RFW hate pages and spammers to alt.religion.scientology make this clear to place Keiths name of far more importance as a terrorist compared to what?

    Portraying Keith as a terrorist misdirects attention from the fact of convicted terrorist Artur Solomonyan who was convicted of transporting weapons and was traveling on a ‘religious workers visa’ in the name of scientology.

    When writing to any of the law or political outlets, the mention that the distraction and placing of Keith on this level aims to lessen something that is far worse in the big picture of this cult.

    LINK http://groups.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/browse_frm/thread/7903c696f63a881b/836bbe282b3069c3?&hl=en#836bbe282b3069c3
    to original posting


    Solomonyan entered the United States six years ago on a cultural exchange visa claiming he was a religious worker for the Church of Scientology, according to law enforcement officials, also speaking on condition of anonymity. “

    Archive here:

  10. “Ivan Jimenez” is absolutely correct that there was a powerful reason for Henson’s conviction: namely Scientolology corruption and influence on the court. The CA attorney general should make a full investigation of the circumstances of the corruption and the Scientologist criminals responsible should be imprisoned for a very long time.

  11. L.A. Weekly reported two unmarked vans pulled up and “a handful of emergency-services task-force officers — Canada’s version of a police SWAT team — spilled out, wearing body armor and carrying submachine guns.” Describing the event, the EFF reported Henson was “arrested in a shopping mall parking lot, by a heavily armed paramilitary unit.”

    So our Canadian brethren are also using their paramilitary police units for dealing with non-violent offenders.


  12. Hey HIVan, or Tom C., or John T., go back to your old life, you know, picking up newly arrived derelict boys on the Boulevard for clandestine “roughhousing”.

    Then go plead forgiveness from your friggin’ E-Meter©.

  13. Scientology might be the instigator but his persecuter is the State-USA and Canada. I have never knowingly met a Scientologist and they do sound like scum but they didn’t do this on their own. Germany seems to persecute them quite a bit. They do seem to be a bit like the Norman Spinrad novel that was based on them. However the State is the one going after Mr Henson- not Scientology assasins.

  14. Our freedom of speech and self expression is at stake here. An author friend told me of a writer she knew who was researching terrorism and the Middle East on the net, for a fictional (sci-fi) book she was writing. A few weeks later there was a knock on the door, and the FBI barged into her apartment , ransacked it, AND took all the notes for her book! No one is safe from this kind of harassment. You are being watched and monitored at your place of employment; and your postings on the net are being watched as well. The fact that the Church Of Scientology has all this clout to go after people who disagree with them is very disturbing. Free Keith, indeed! Free us all!

  15. The person who isgns “jimenez” above is most probably the famous “Barbara Schwarz, a psychopath german girl who was the commanding officer of the cult in Germany till she dropped crazy.

    Now she’s hidden somewhere in Salt Lake or else, and she’s insulting every critic of scientology, using a lot of different accounts, on order of another scientologist who’s working with the “office of special affairs” -OSA- , the bad coups’ system and spying “department 20” of the cult.

  16. There is no such thing as “irrational fear” of Scientology. It is a vindictive, powerful, agency, that attacks proponents of rational thinking under the protection of religious shelters. It is greatly to be feared.

    This Foundation has today sent a contribution to the Keith Henson Legal Fund, and we hope that others will, as well. Please go to http://www.extropy.org/membership.htm to do so…

    James Randi
    James Randi Educational Foundation
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


  17. Henson is the one who CAUSED this situation by making threats against my Church. Scientology did nothing to him, and he was making bomb threats (real or “play-pretend” is kind of a blurry line when it comes to hate-crimes).

    Henson’s wife LIES – members of the Church of Scientology CAN and DO access the Internet, duh – I’m doing so RIGHT NOW.

    I DO feel threatened by loons like Henson.

    In the mid-90’s I worked for the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles. Three times in one year we were asked to evacuate the buildings because some sicko had called making a bomb threat. We had 0ver 50 young children in the daycare facility, and they were all afraid. So it is extremely cynical for these people to say that Henson was “just kidding”.

    Scientologist and proud of it

  18. So many Scientologist posts… how many hundreds of thousands of dollars have you all lost to your cult? Anyone can do a web search on “Scientology” and see that you (the Church of Scientology) are a manipulative cult that loves to litigate against anyone willing to publicly insult the organization. For example, this post uses the copyrighted trademarks “Scientology” and “Church of Scientology”. And yes, I know the Church of Scientology doesn’t care about the fair use clause in the copyright law. With that being said, I will be expecting your court summons in the mail next week.

    Read the truth:

  19. Greg,

    The stuff you are ranting about has nothing to do with whats happeing right now. He was found not gulity on makeing threats. He was convicted for PROTESTING.

    And while we are at it. Your so called church and its actions scare me. Keith didn’t break into goverment offices. Keith didn’t hold a young woman hostage in a small room for 14 days untill she died. Keith doesn’t spend millions every year trying to keep people from getting the meds they need. Keith doesn’t hire PI’s to follow everyone around to get dirt.

    You were saying Greg? Something about your church?

  20. Greg, you say……

    ” Henson’s wife LIES – members of the Church of Scientology CAN and DO access the Internet, duh – I’m doing so RIGHT NOW”

    Well Duh, if anyone looks you and James post to almost every board about scientology. So much so it makes me wonder if this might be your job.

    Why not tell everyone about scientology’s net nanny? You know, that program members put on their computers unless they are one of the chosen few. That keeps them from being able to see anything critial of scientology.

  21. Scientologists are straight up paedophiles. Even worse than Catholic priests. You see how all the allegations of child molestation against the Catholic church are about 30 years old? There will be a wave of child molestation, forced beastiality, etc against Scientology in the future. This is not mere hearsay, this is based on facts and figures.

  22. Of course Greg works for the cult. Its forbidden for a cult member to associate with critics of the cult, which includes reading material that is critical like this board. Its right in their beliefs and written documents.

    Scientologists believe it will make them sick, and may even kill them to be exposed to information critical about their cult. So anyone you see posting to forums with critics of Scientology is specifically tasked with doing so, and gets “special” training to help protect them from “critical thoughts” (they call it entheta).

    And don’t be fooled by their shrill cries of being independent, its a big fat lie that the cult has been caught in year after year. They absolutely, positively have an entire department dedicated to “handling” every single negative thing written or said about them. They are the original inventors of astro-turfing the Internet .

    This is a dangerous cult, and what happened to Keith can happen to you.

  23. It scares me to think you people are raising children into this society! Are they free to practice any religion, at any time? Are they free to grow up and be who they want to be, have the jobs they dream of?

    Are they “allowed” to get curious and read about Buddhism, Sikhism? What about bondage and anal sex?

    What’s the point of holding back information about your religion over your own member’s heads? I’m guessing it’s because once you go down a 10 year road, it’s hard to remember what road you started on, and where you were going.. People feel “invested” and don’t want to admit that they spent their last number of years trying to achieve something, so whether it’s fruitful or not, might as well play it out..

    Unfortunately for Scientology, the age of communication is here, and that goes against everything you’ve worked for. The bad news about Scientology spreads fast!

    And to help Google’ers find out about what a SCAM scientology is, and what a Fraud scientology is, I’m going to write this extra plea to explain the true facts about scientology. This way when people search for information about the Church of Scientology, they may find this post, and unravel the lies, deceit and hidden secrets behind the false science behind Scientology. ;)


  24. All major religions go through periods of reform. As their ranks rise in number, more and more people who genuinely believe in sci-co’s well whatever, will become angry when they they realize they can’t buy their way into eternal life and happiness, that Hubbard was a horrible writer, and that they have been duped by having their most human emotions exploited for cold hard cash.

    Seems that all other popular organized religions have gone through these periods of sometimes violent reform at some point in history.

  25. Anyone who falls for a third rate sci-fi author’s religion is either stupid or see where the money falls as the mindless suckers who pay for their “courses” They are the “business” version of Muslims, since they don’t chop off heads like those asses.

  26. I take exception to ANYBODY who seeks to slur Keiths good name. Keith is a fantastic person whom I worked with for several years while he was in Canada. He is neither a terrorist or a threat to the US or California. He stands up for what he believes in, and if there were more people like him in the world today, maybe we wouldn’t have criminal cults like Scientology around today. As long as people are allowed to suppress and destroy good people like Keith, this world will never be peacefull.

    Keith and his wife should be allowed to retire in peace and live out the rest of their lives without harassment or persecution.

  27. Strangely enough, I thought the Freedom of Speech would have included
    the Freedom to Criticise Duped Arseholes. (Alternative spelling – I’m not
    from the US).

    /Likes to interfere with a religion that tries to hide itself and subvert
    /everyone else’s rights.
    //Stopped a local TV station from playing Youth For Human Rights ads –
    //they’re a front for $co.

  28. having lived in s.w. fl. for the past 30 odd years, i have had many deaings with $cientologists, both personal and proffessional. they are most certainly to be both feared and loathed. in my experience, they are cliqueish, selfish, rude and just TRY making them actually pay their bills without going to small claims court! anywho, i read an interview with his son, l.ron jr. not to long ago. in it he stated that there was only one religion in his house while growing up, and the leader of the religion was none other than anton la vey. yep, i’m talking about the church of satan ( now the church of set) which was right down the street from their family in san fransisco. i also read that l.ron sr. was trained in mind control techniques by military intelligence ( oxymoron). run, kieth. run.

  29. Clearly most of the postings have been posted by people who either don’t have any clue about Scientology or people who do know but are lying like hell.
    The amount of garbage and lies here would not shame the amount of lies and garbage that filled the media of Nazi Germany about the Jews 50 years ago. Well, I am both a Jew and a Scientologist and what is written here reminds me nicely about the “fact” that Jews “make bread using little Christian babies’ blood”
    If you really want to know what Scientology is I suggest you read a book, go to a course, talk to Scientologists(I promise we don’t bite) or something. Don’t believe anyone – just check.

  30. The Rev. has his data mixed.

    Ron Jr. comment had nothing to do with Anton LaVey or the Church of Satan but rather Aleister Crowley which he misidentified as a Satanist. You can find the interview in question at


    For more details on L. Ron’s exposure to Aleister Crowley’s ideas and methods see John Carter’s _Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons_ published by Feral House.

  31. $cientology also has numerous front organizations that are positively evil. They routinely advertise jobs available as a ruse to lure people in. They then hold the person and gather personal information under the pretext of trying to get a job that doesn’t actually exist. “Sterling” did this to me in NYC years ago. It was so bizarre, but I did not know who they were at that time. The “church” itself is quite threatening and intimidating. They blackmailed Clinton into giving them tax exempt status in the 90’s. It is an absolute injustice for them to be protected by California laws designed to protect actual religions. $cientology is worse, and far more dangerous, than the mob. Truly, they are Satanic.

  32. It’s hyperbolic statements like “$cientology is worse, and far more dangerous, than the mob” that gives Scientology critics just as much a reputation for being nutjobs as the Scientos.

  33. Gil,

    I almost skipped over your post when you compared me to a Nazi. I really get tired of the members of scientology when they have to stoop that low to keep from really saying anything.

    So I am either a fool or a lier am I? Fine, please point out the lies you say are being posted here. I promise if I have posted anything wrong or untrue I will be the first to admit it and say I am sorry.

    As for you telling the readers to read a bood, take a course, talk to a member…… how will that help them to see both sides on this issue? Shouldn’t they not only do as you ask but also take a look at critic sites like xenu.net or xenutv.com? If they only talk to scientology and only read scientology stuff they will only hear your groups side.

    I don’t think most readers here are that foolish.

  34. Note that Scientology’s “Office of Special Affairs”, the bureau assigned to “handle entheta,” which includes both harassment of critics and the spread of disinformation in forums like this one, has a standard procedure of posting not only defenses of Scientology and its practices, but also offensive posts making clearly irrational claims about Scientology (see Jake’s comments for a good example) which permit the “pro-Scientology” Scientologists (like Gil) to portray all opposition as virulent hate-mongers and cry that they’re victims of religious persecution “just like the Jews”.

  35. The criminal cult of scientology needs to be stopped. Not only is it a classic mind control cult but it is a blatant criminal enterprise that should be subject to Federal RICO indibtments. This is the result of classic “fair game” tactics, just like they used against former member Jesse Prince. The judge in this case should never be allowed in a court room again unless it is as a defendent.

  36. I love how what he said could never be construed as any sort of threat. Not only does this show how paranoid an already delusional sect can but also how inept our police are. Scientology routinely uses legal wranglings to silence critics. If Scientology ever wants to recognized as anysort of religion it will have to turn the other cheek to such statements. As it is it looks feeble and impotent.
    I also might add when have Scientologist suffered more than some snickering? Every other religion has suffered much more hatred and violence and few are as paranoid and militant as Scientology. Maybe if Scientology’s theological founder wasnt a liar/criminal and they had other spokesmens besides hollywood morons people might not laugh so hard at their ideas. I mean get people who are deeper than a bird bath to argue the merits of your “church” because it looks bad enough.
    Lastly as a Psychology major I find it laughable that Scientologists talk about being “attacked”, every Scientologist I have ever spoken calls Psychology a “evil and inhuman” science and then proceeds to rant. Do I care? Hell no! So here is some advice to the Church of Scientology “grow some balls!” Your idea’s are not coherent, they arent even theological per say. Scientologist I hope you are old so you wont see your fad “church” die before you.

  37. “Patrick F. Brady Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 2:28 pm
    It’s hyperbolic statements like “$cientology is worse, and far more dangerous, than the mob” that gives Scientology critics just as much a reputation for being nutjobs as the Scientos.”

    No, Patrick, there is nothing hyperbolic about my statement.
    It is a fact that CO$ has a database of personal information they have collected on people that is larger than the NSA’s.
    And they use it to hurt people.
    They are dangerous; they are criminal. And there is nothing nutty about warning people about just how bad they actually are. They need to be disbanded as the criminal organization that they are. They steal. They lie. They kill. And they get away with it. And that’s a fact.

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