What the F*ck is Wrong With the Japanese? (Nose Abuse Fetish)

Nose Suffocation

I'm not the first person to say this, but there's an open letter I have to get off my chest:

Dear Japan,

Please stop experimenting with your sexuality in public. It's starting to freak us out.


It's not that I think there's anything categorically wrong with Japanese people or their sexuality. I don't. In fact, I have a hard time saying there's anything right or wrong about fetishes or an individual's sexualization of anything. I don't think there's a "normal" when it comes to sex. And for the record, I don't think Americans are any less bizarre with our sexual fetishes. (You're soaking in it.)

But I have to admit, sometimes things I find on some obscure Japanese fetish sex sites make me want to jack off to horror films (more than usual, anyway).

Take for instance my most recent discovery of yet another deeply obsessed, overly specific Japanese sexualization of something I'd never thought of: closed nose fetish.

The site is ugly and the language barrier makes navigation confusing but let me take you by the nose hand with this overly, singularly, amazingly specific fetish, where women's noses are squeezed shut by their own hands or others, their noses are held under water in bathtubs, their noses are held shut with devices, and screengrabs from Japanese TV capture women mid-nose-closure, even if just for a second.
* Bathtub and water submersion nose-holding galleries.

* Big-tit, dick-sucking *nose holding* manga galleries.

* Japanese TV nose-squeezing screengrabs.

Dig a little deeper into the slightly disturbing recesses of this site and images emerge that make The Ring look like Jenna Jameson's latest girl-girl, fake-a-rama, feel-good film. And unlike other fetish sites I've come across in researching my Fetish Sex book, like one lovingly compiled head shaving image collection where there's nary an exposed titty in sight, there's no mistake that nose holding -- "nasal suffocation" -- is being sexualized here.

I supppose we should keep in mind that anything which turns someone on that's not in any typical catalog of things we culturally find "hot," is going to seem weird to some outsiders somewhere, like a freakish cabinet of throbbing curiosities. The hand of Darwin, when it comes to doling out what's arousing, tends to be a blind hand, sweeping some of us into panty-sniffing categories, or turning us into spanking enthusiasts.

On the one hand, no childhood accidents can ever be accurately tied to sexual fetishization -- it's all theory, mostly contrived by sex-negative people who want fetishists to feel bad about masturbating with stuffed animals. On the other hand, however, I just can't help but wonder upon finding sites like G-Nose, if Japan somehow didn't actually have some kind of painful sexual experience with their nose -- as a nation -- to become so into facial bondage. Did something bad happen to Japan's nose as a kid? What tickles a nation's collective ID in a particular way, to want to jack off to the contents of an entire office supply closet being applied to a pretty girl's face? Or drippy, stressful tentacle-nasal penetration scenes that don't really look like they're bringing the girls to... orgasm? I mean, perhaps the language barrier is preventing me from understanding that it's like Deep Throat and instead of the g-spot being pornologically located in the throat, it's really just up past a deviated septum, to the left or right -- don't worry, the tentacle will find it.

I guess ultimately it all means that I really should be more sex-positive, or open minded, about nose fucking. We all should.

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20 thoughts to “What the F*ck is Wrong With the Japanese? (Nose Abuse Fetish)”

  1. My question is just the opposite: Did something REALLY good happen to Japan’s nose as kid?

    Not all fetishes rise from tragedies…

  2. Japan somehow didn’t actually have some kind of painful sexual experience with their nose — as a nation — to become so into facial bondage. Did something bad happen to Japan’s nose as a kid?


  3. Not all fetishes rise from tragedies…

    i agree. i think Violet does, too, as stated in the piece:

    On the one hand, no childhood accidents can ever be accurately tied to sexual fetishization — it’s all theory, mostly contrived by sex-negative people who want fetishists to feel bad about masturbating with stuffed animals.

    her “on the other hand” was fully qualified, and i think, meant as humor. because, after all, the Japanese do tend to variegate their fetishes beyond anything we dare to do in this country (although the English and German make the Japanese look downright playful sometimes).

  4. Actually, this isn’t that disturbing to me. It seems like a specialized niche of breath play, maybe? Anything that has themes of dominance and submission doesn’t surprise me when it turns up in porn. (Okay, even stuff without themes of dominance and submission.)

    That said, there’s a lot in Japanese porn that does actually freak me out, even if it is predictable by the aforementioned criteria. “Guro” is a hentai genre based on extreme violence, gore, and death– as in women being eviscerated, decapitated, limbs rent asunder– all meant to get someone off. Now that’s scary. Let’s not even bring up rorikon.

  5. Do you do any research other than searching these sites? Have you lived in Japan before?

    Honestly. If you’ve ever read Dan Savage’s column, you might get the impression that Americans are into infantization fantasy role playing, water sports, and other fetishes that are NOT mainstream.

    SAME goes for Japan. And they are NOT more sexually liberated than the West. OlBlue, have you BEEN to Japan before? Obviously not. Anyone with an elementary degree in psychology would come to the logical conclusion that a culture with people proselytizing these unique fetishes on the internet is obviously suppressing the more (and no offense to those with exotic sexual fantasies) orthodox and, er, natural sexual practices. I’d have to say that Japan is probably one of the most overall repressed cultures in the world. Ladies’ restrooms have PEE NOISE CONCEALING MACHINES to noise out the oh-so-embarrassing sound of urine hitting the toilet water. Commercially available porn has the actual private parts mosaic-ed out. What does this tell you?

    I get a kick out of these types of reports and the flood of comments from Japan fetishizers who have some retarded ideal of Japan. COME to Japan. It’s a LOT less amazing and weird than you’d think. Or rather, it’s amazing and weird in far less predictable arenas than sex and violence, as their films and alternative media may suggest.

    I guess I just wanted to get this out. Sure, the Japanese are frustratingly bureaucratic (obsessed with rules–THAT’s the main fetish here, folks), ignorant (“All Chinese are criminals”), and provincial (“Japan is so unique for our unique 4 seasons”). But please, give them some humanity and be real–they’re not super-exotic beings, people.

    Sorry to disappoint you weirdos who come to Japan expecting it to be full of (a) super stylish, noise-music savvy people, (b) animation/manga/RPG otaku, or (c) sexually liberated people.

  6. Just thought I’d throw a little insight into why this type of fetish would arise in Japan. Hope it helps you gain a little insight into the situation. I believe this is something that comes directly from culture and linguistic roots.

    In Japan the nose is notably related to the self. Usually in the “West” when we’re talking about ourselves we point our chests, indicating “me.” Well, in Japan one points towards one’s nose to indicate the self. It becomes second nature over time, after studying at University in Tokyo for over a year I found myself frequently doing this little habit after I had returned to home New Zealand, even when I was speaking English.

    Also, the character for nose in written Japanese (HANA ?) actually contains the character for self (MIZUKARA ?) further tying in the concept of Japanese personal identity with the nose.

    So it doesn’t seem that strange that a body part that is tied so closely with identity, breathing and direction might become fetishized (sic) by a small group of people within a culture.

  7. Yet another silly generalization about how “fucked up” the Japanese are. While we’re at it, why don’t we rail on the Eastern Europeans for having preggers midget porn, or the Germans for putting out scatting porn.

    Indeed you should be more open-minded, but rather than applying your efforts to sex, you should probably focus on your acceptance of racial and cultural differences.

  8. found this comment on a blog that linked to this article, and thought it was somewhat enlightening as to theories about this fetish’s orgins:

    The reason that people cover their mouthes when they laugh is because, I think it’s Buddhism, is to not show their teeth. Something about showing others your bones or something similar.

    As far as the nose coverings – well, people are into asphyxiation, so that could be it.

    With the nose hooks – they also make women appear to be pigs. It’s, atleast I believe, humiliation.

    Who knows. Tentacle porn came from woodblocks of Octopus/Women relationships. Maybe this came from something else.

  9. hey, Ignorance, lighten up! VB qualified her statements, and besides, you’d have to agree that some of the follow up conversation taking place here has unearthed some truly valid information that debunks the (ironic) stereotype in the title of the piece.


    (also, see my previous comment in this thread about how the english and germans are not immune to being asked the same question!)

  10. And they are NOT more sexually liberated than the West.

    Well, after living in Japan for 6 years, I’d have to disagree. Where America freaks out from seeing a glimpse of Janet Jackson’s boob, Japan doesn’t mind using a topless women to sell soap in commercials.

    Americans in general are sexually repressed, and proud of it.

  11. thats great , i like Japanese way . they know what is the real sex ,and they know how to enjoy it

  12. Actually i’m not sure if this is something that should surprise us very much!!!!!
    i guess that the only thing it say about japan is that their daily stressfull life has not dominated the freedom each citizen should have.
    In the Ocidental World everyone has built up some ideas about the japanese has being a odd peoplle. Diferences must be admited and in the sexual issue they are enormous.
    But, shouldn’t this tell us that we actually don’t know nothing about Japan?
    Shouldn’t it tell us that altough it is a strict society in so many ways (you cannot find a job if you are a japanese with tatoos) the japanese peoplle explore their freedom trough sex, mixing their daily life joy or frustration into it?
    Aren’t they more open minded?

  13. You know what is more disgusting and wrong? Your fetish of discovering and giving your own vicious views on other peoples sexual fetishes . obviously you have some unusual sexual fetish you are ashamed of or scared of yourself. Or you just get off on control and you like to post what is “wrong” about things. and oh yea your a damn hippocrate for saying you don’t judge others for their way of life, because you did throughout. “…..japanese….ugly languge…..”

    jerk off to this paragraph you freak

  14. Don’t speak on behave of America. Many Americans are not as repressed and afraid of human sexuality as you apparently are. This country needs to grow up. Instead of attacking the way people express themselves sexually, try addressing the really obscene things that are going on in this world. Like what our government is doing in the name of the war on terror and drugs for starters. Oh- but that would take courage wouldn’t it? Something you don’t have.

  15. Interesting read, but holding someones nose is just the tip of the iceberg. Japan a few fetishes the rest of the world doesn’t, but mostly it just “improves” and expands on existing ones. Such is the Japanese way. Take for instance infantilism (pretending to be babies) – western stuff comes mostly from Germany, but Japan has homegrown it’s own, including such classics as “Kindargarten boys fantasy teacher”, with a bunch of grown men in diapers playing out a kinky day at school. Though some fetishes may not float my bloat per se, I see absolutely nothing wrong with having them around for others to enjoy. Why you gotta be so down on it? Are you a superior Christian or something?

    If you want to keep updated on all that is weird in Japan, check out my site – http://www.eigoninja.com/secretjapan . There you’ll find everything from news on the youngest ever Japanese idol (with swimsuit DVD) – 5 years old is the current record, to japans unhealthy obsession with lolicon, sex machines, love hotels (those are personally researched, hehe) and cosplay.

    By the way, from my own exerience living here for 4 years now, I can say the Japanese attitute is a lot more open when it comes to sex. If you said to most girls in UK “lets try some SM” or something, you’d probably be greeted with a shocked look and a sharp slap followed by “aren’t I good enough for you? Dont you enjoy our normal sex???”. For a j-girl, she might call you a perv in a cute way, but she’ll try and have fun in the process.

    As a side note, the mosaic on j-porn was actually introduced by America when they won the war. More interestingly, softcore child porn was only made illegal around 10 years ago due to international pressure. Talk about open.

  16. it is funny how America tries to keep it seeming like being nude is bad. we were all born naked and they make it seem like taboo? why? I mean sure children shouldn’t see sexual content like this and all that but i don’t see the harm in knowing body parts of the other sex, learning about both genders early on would make it seem normal and i think that is the way it should be.. i dont know doing that and learning about each others bodies might stop so many people from becoming perverts.. havent met one person who isnt one..

  17. I want these Japaneses to do less porn, and please…Japanese really ruin reputation of all Asian guys.

    The only short-dicked men in Asian are Japaneses, not the other part of Asia.

    Japanese people have the shortest height in Asia too.

    So stop making stupid video, and make the world think that all Asians got small think like yours…

    Thanks in advance

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