Virtual Screech, Sexual Superstar

Dustin Diamond played the innocuously nerdy "Screech" on the Saturday morning sitcom Saved by the Bell — so everyone's curious how he's handled the transition to adult video star. After reviewing the tape, we can report that Dustin, now 29, wields a video camera at a bachelorette party gone wild. There's a bride, her bridesmaid, lots of champagne, plus Dustin himself — a horny standup comic trying to coax them out of their clothes.

The plot of the tape is at least as unpredictable as an episode of Saved by the Bell. (Will the bride-to-be sober up? Will Dustin convince them to model lingerie?) But the real potency of this mystery is what's Dustin like? After 11 years of playing the luckless high school nerd, originally on the Disney channel, it's jarring to imagine him in a drunken hotel room orgy.

So as a public service, we've replayed the DVD, transcribed Dustin's dialogue and created an appropriate avatar to read it.

To see "Virtual Screech," click on this hyperlink.

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One thought to “Virtual Screech, Sexual Superstar”

  1. This is such a shame Screech has turned into such a giant loser..and I don’t mean pounds. I used to enjoy Saved By the Bell re-runs. Now they apall me. Anything Dustin comes into contact turns into a farce

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