The Satanic Cosmology of Jack Chick

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Did you know that Christmas is actually a Satanic holiday based on Baal worship from ancient Babylon? That Halloween is a Druidic ritual of human sacrifice... to Satan? That the Pope is the Antichrist?

If the answer is yes, chances are your sorry-assed soul has been saved by Jack Chick, comic book evangelist.

Although the spewers of fire 'n' brimstone are not exactly rare nowadays — from Mel Gibson and Bill O'Reilly, to the Left Behind series of novels and video games — they focus only on small corners of a sprawling theological castle historically tended by Lord Chick.

His innovative method of spreading the Gospel through comics, his spiraling conspiracy theories, and his recurrent cast of characters make him a sort of Walt Disney of fundamentalism. Chick's universe, like Disneyland in reverse, is one of hermetic paranoia — the tendrils of Satan's influence on humanity reach from the highest seats of power to the most mundane suburban activities — describing a tightly knit web of evil design percolating just below the surface of everything. Chick's brand of Christianity is anti-sectarian, "born again," New Testament literalism. His mail-order congregation consists of what he calls "true Bible-believing Christians," to whom he preaches DIY salvation and soul-winning.

Since his own Damascus in 1948 (while listening to "Charles Fuller's Old Fashioned Revival Hour" on the radio), Chick claims to have won hundreds of thousands of souls for Christ worldwide through the dissemination of his mini-comics, known as "Chick Tracts." His distinctly modern, technologically mediated conversion — alone, outside of church, through radio and now the internet — is significant, illustrating his present contempt for organized religions and his choice of alternative media to flog the Gospel. More significant, however, is Chick's proud admission that he appropriated the concept of spreading the Gospel through comics from Mao Tse Tung's use of propaganda comics in Communist China. While placing Chick in an ideological double bind (he maintains that Communism was a creation of the super-evil Vatican), this revelation is remarkably resonant, considering Chick's zealous ideological imperative, and his savvy propagandist tactics.

Chick's themes and strategies vary little from tract to tract, but, as a master propagandist, he tailors many of the tracts for soul-winning target markets, particularly intransigent meanies like bikers, criminals, and rockers. Consider these blurbs from the Chick Publications catalog, advertising specific tracts: "Duke thought Jesus was a sissy. But he learned that Jesus had more guts than anyone who ever lived. Great for truckers and bikers!" ("The Sissy"), "Bob was mean and rotten. He didn't need God, until a fire in the jail nearly killed him. Great for bikers!" ("Bad Bob"), "They started as a 'Christian' rock group, and soon became slaves to rock. But Tom found that Jesus could change all that... and set him free!" ("Angels?").

Chick writes the majority of the tracts himself, and he draws the most visually amusing of the lot in his primitive, sub-Peanuts style. The bulk of them, however, feature competent, anatomically correct, if boring, ghost artists. Chick designs the tracts to instill fear and guilt in the unsaved reader. To this end, he menaces us with detailed descriptions of hell, Satan himself (or a few silly, Stooge-like demons), and outrageous, "deviant" behavior. Witchcraft is magically revealed behind hopelessly banal activities, in an effort to win casual paranoiacs to the fold. Chick also far outrushes Limbaugh in his violation of PC tolerance — homosexuals ("Doom Town: The Story of Sodom"), women (demons use a pretty women as "tactic #28" to distract a teenage boy from being "saved" in "A Demon's Nightmare"), civil rights activists, liberals, and other races (and their religions) all get pilloried as tools of Satan.

Witchcraft and the occult are always at work in Chick's suburban universe, often behind seemingly harmless teen activities. The alarmist "Dark Dungeons" exposes Dungeons & Dragons as an occult apprenticeship to witchcraft and Satanism. Innocent Debbie shows such promise in D&D as "Elfstar" that her Dungeonmaster, an older woman, initiates her into a witch's coven. When a former D&D partner hangs herself because her own character dies, Debbie comes to her senses and is "saved" by a friend. That night, she attends a prayer meeting where a reformed warlock commands the audience to "gather up all your occult paraphernalia... rock music, occult books, charms, Dungeons & Dragons material... don't throw them away, BURN THEM!"

In "The Poor Little Witch," Mandy, an uncoordinated, unpopular girl is seduced by her teacher, Mrs. White (Chick is not known for his subtlety) into asking a demon, "Bruth," for special powers. Bruth answers her call, and Mandy is overjoyed with her newfound grace. Later, however, when taken to a ritual infant sacrifice by Mrs. White, she balks, and wants out of Satanism. Unfortunately for Mandy, the whole town is crawling with Satanists: the pastor, the chief of police, her teachers — all witches. As in many tracts involving witchcraft, Mandy's Leave it to Beaver community is a vertiginous Parallax View of Satanic conspiracy. A sympathetic ex-witch "saves" Mandy, just in time to be murdered for her betrayal. It's a classic Chick "happy ending," for, although Mandy's DOA, she's on a highway to heaven.

High school is not the only haven for witchcraft in Chick's world. Established religious organizations are also revealed as dens of the occult. In "The Curse of Baphomet," Chick exposes Freemasonry as a Satanic cult worshiping Baphomet, a demon goat god of Babylon. Masonic iconography is broken down: the Eastern Star is the upside-down Satanic pentagram, the "all seeing eye" (on our dollar bill) is the eye of Osiris (the Egyptian sun god, based on the Babylonian Baal), the obelisk (the Washington monument) is a phallic symbol of Baal worship ("and God hates it"), the Sphinx is from Egypt, a nefarious Satanic hotbed, the red fez is a shrine to Allah, representing the blood of Christians butchered by Muslims, who dipped their caps in their victims' blood, the apron worn by high level Masons is "packed with occult symbols," and its promised righteousness at the Great Throne of Judgment is a cruel lie ("righteousness comes from Jesus Christ, never from an apron").

Mormonism receives a similar raking over the coals in "The Visitors," in which two Mormon door-to-door elders try to convert a Christian lady, but are shot down by her righteous Chickie niece. After blasting the hapless visitors on such heinous, ungodly practices as polygamy, blood atonement, and belief in false prophecy, plucky Janice accuses Mormon founder Joseph Smith of occult practices such as crystal ball gazing, carrying a talisman of Jupiter (another name for Baal, of course), being a "sublime degree" Mason, incorporating Satanic rituals into Temple ritual (secret handshakes, blood oaths, secret names, etc.), and claiming that Satan and Jesus were brothers. Needless to say, the visitors leave in a huff, and Janice's aunt is saved.


Any kook fundagelical worth his pillar of salt is obliged to riff on rock 'n' roll as "the devil's music." Chick far outstrips the competition in his rock genealogy, however, proving that Spinal Tap weren't merely being silly when they performed "Stonehenge" in Druidic chic. Though the Tap maintained that "nobody knew who they were, or... what they were doing," Chick has done his research. It's true. Modern rock was spawned by the Druids. In "Spellbound" (one of The Crusaders series of full-sized color Chick comics), Penny, a teenage rock fan, reluctantly gets saved by a visiting preacher, who is coincidentally a former Druid high priest, as well as being a former member of the dreaded Illuminati. According to Lance, our hero, the Druids were "the most evil people living in the horrible darkness" of pre-Christian Europe. They were "so filled with demons that some had strange frightening powers." (One can only assume that the others just wore silly robes and mumbled arcane phrases.) After describing their penchant for human sacrifice (on which Halloween is based; I'll get to that), Lance goes straight for the jugular — the Satanic Druid "beat" that accompanied all their ritual sacrifices.

The Druids apparently jammed on flutes, tambourines, and drums covered with human hide. (It's a shame that Chick seems unaware of Jethro Tull, who make his argument for him rather effectively). "The drumbeat was the key to addict the listener... a form of hypnotism... the same beat the Druids used is in the rock music of today... both hard and soft rock... the beat is still there!" According to Lance, the British Invasion of the 60s had a hidden agenda beyond chicks and cash. The Beatles "opened up a Pandora's Box when they hit the U.S. with their Druid/rock beat." As their popularity grew (due to the hypnotizing, addictive "beat"), "they were able to turn our young people on to the eastern religions... the floodgates to witchcraft were opened... the U.S. will never recover... it was well planned." Lance knows what he's talking about. While a Druid, Lance had a "cover job" managing "Z Productions," one of the "largest manufacturers of rock music." Apparently, the Frankfurt Schoolers' conception of the "culture industry" was far too forgiving. Lance reveals how rock music is really made...

Witches have their own language, like truck drivers use on CB radios. Only the occult language is more carefully guarded. When we produced a rock song, it contained coded spells or incantations that the listener wasn't aware of. A witch would write the words and we'd dig up an old Druid manuscript containing the melody for the song. Top flight musicians were hired to record the music. The master tape would be set aside for six months. It wasn't ready for production until it had been blessed. On a full moon some of the most powerful witches in the country would arrive to put the finishing touches on the song. The high priestess summons Regé, Satan's top demon over the occult.

When Regé materialized from the center of the pentagram, Lance recalls, the high priestess said, "We bid thee to bless and fulfill the spells of our brothers' and sisters' music." To which Regé replied, "I shall command my servants (the demons) to follow each relic produced from our magic music." Poof! A top ten single is born. Lance concludes: "every recording that has been cursed has a visitor (a demon) with it... that's why your homes are so messed up... you cast the spell on yourself!" As the sermon builds to a frothing pitch, Lance commands the congregation to burn it all. Country music ("about sleeping with other men's wives"), and corset-busting romance novels ("those ungodly love stories... the bestsellers with the filthy language") get torched too. Moved by Lance's fervid testifying, Penny repents, agrees to burn her rock albums, and is saved.

But what about "Christian rock"? It's a demon in disguise as well, as shown in "Angels?," perhaps the most hilarious tract in all God's creation. In this clumsy, Chick-drawn tract, a hard luck Christian group meets a "manager" while on the chapel circuit named Lew Siffer (!!!), who promises them booze, chicks, and limos if they sign on the dotted line... in blood! After the boys sign with Lewie, he outlines the structure of his musical conglomerate — a worldwide organization known as "Killer Rock." Pointing to a hierarchical flow chart, he traces the evolution of rock, from Soft (1950s—60s), through Hard (1961-71), to Heavy (1971-?), claiming responsibility for it all. "From the 70s on, I gave the world Kiss, Black Sabbath, Mötley Crüe, etc." (I suppose we have Mr. Siffer to thank for "all Pearl Jam, all the time" radio shows as well.)

Predictably, the Green Angels rocket to mega-stardom overnight with their mesmerizing songs ("We're gonna rock, rock, rock/Rock with the ROCK!"), only to topple, one by one, to AIDS, drugs, and [gasp]... vampirism. Luckily, a devoted Chickie plants a tract ("The Contract") in guitarist Tom's pocket before their final gig. He reads it later, and is saved. Mr. Siffer tries to collect his "royalties," but Tom, using the Force ("The Lord rebuke thee Satan! Get thee hence!!!") zaps (literally) the debonair Lew, revealing his dorky demonic self, horns and all, in an embarrassing shade of red.

We owe more than the existence of Mötorhead to those seminal Druids — we have them to thank for Halloween as well. Two tracts, "Boo!" and "The Trick" ("great for kids!"), trace trick or treating to the Druids ("those guys were really spooky!"). Apparently, October 31st was a special holiday for Samhain (Satan, the god of the dead). Druids sacrificed humans as a matter of protocol, but Halloween was a sacrificial block party. They would go from house to house, demanding a child for sacrifice from each — the victim was the Druids' "treat." They would then leave a lit Jack-O-Lantern outside the house to protect the rest of the family from demons for the rest of the night. If the household could not provide a sacrificial rugrat, or refused, the nasty Druids painted a Satanic pentagram on their front door. Later that night, in a cruel reversal of Passover, Samhain or one of his demons would come and kill a member of the family, usually from fright. This was the "trick" from "trick or treat." Of course, Druids and witches are still active today, explaining the ol' "razor blade in the apple" phenomenon. This is not the work of demented old ladies, says Chick, but of witches performing covert ritual sacrifices to Satan. Satan also uses the scary costume tradition of Halloween to lure kids into his club every year, accounting for the fact that "witchcraft is exploding among teens today!"

As needlessly alarmist as Chick Tracts are, they are strictly Mickey Mouse in comparison to The Crusaders series of full-sized color comics. Chick authored The Crusaders series from the mid-70s to the early 80s, and it shows. The two Crusaders themselves constitute a fundamentalist Christian Mod Squad — two muscular young men, one black, one white, both square-jaw handsome — who travel the world in polyester leisure suits helping good Christians and "saving" those who have run astray. Tim Clark, the Steve Canyon white guy, is a former Green Beret, while "Big" Jim Carter, complete with afro and Superfly duds, is a former drug-dealing badass who was saved by a neighborhood minister. Unlike the primitive tracts, with their goofy, overweight demons and HAW! HAW! panels, The Crusaders comics are bulging with paranoiac text and posable action figure artwork. The plotlines are incidental, as The Crusaders series is primarily a vehicle for Chick's deeply paranoid and hate-mongering conspiracy theories concerning the Roman Catholic church. In each "adventure," the two heroes either run into or accompany a pedagogical character who functions as a mouthpiece for Chick's spiraling conspiracies.

In the final six volumes of The Crusaders, Chick allows a real live former Jesuit, Dr. Alberto Rivera, to take the stand and expose the spidery depths of the Satanic Vatican world conspiracy. In these issues, the two Crusaders are merely in the room as Alberto outlines the Vatican's devilish plot to bring about the One World Religion and Government which will herald beginning of the Great Tribulation. Alberto spins an all-encompassing, impossibly web-like conspiracy theory, an unfortunate conflation of Pynchon and Hitler. Under the guidance of Satan, according to Alberto, the Roman Catholic church is responsible for nearly every evil event in world history. The Alberto series renders 9/11, UFO, and JFK conspiracy theories positively comforting. Even the dreaded Illuminati, usually the shadowy umbrella organization behind all conspiracies, is merely a side project of the Jesuit order, and subordinate to the Vatican.

With heady and convoluted intricacies that would make Dan Brown jealous, no one should be surprised to see continual efforts by ever-emboldened fundamentalist Christian crusaders to exploit ideas originally championed by Jack Chick.

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35 thoughts to “The Satanic Cosmology of Jack Chick”

  1. O. Mah. Gawd.

    This explains why I keep dying of AIDS, heroin overdoses, and car wrecks while huffing amyl nitrate. I’ve been listening to “To Hell With the Devil” every day since 1987. I will now go burn all my Stryper albums and be saved. Merry Christmas, baby Jesus!

  2. Obviously, ignorance is bliss…This moron Jack Sprat, never studied the history of his own religion. Christianity invented Satan, and wouldn’t exist in it’s current form without him/her/it. Just as the the light needs darkness to define it, the one wouldn’t exist without the other..I prefer to “burn in hell” then live with a vindictive, punishing God threatening me for not living within it’s “laws”. I’d really like to see his sources for his” Radical Christianity” conspiracy theories. Maybe he just doing all the drugs he’s preaching to others not to do. It’s all hypocrisy.

  3. I love Jack Chick tracts, for all the reasons mentioned in the article.

    But as far as his paranoia, it’s fairly rooted in reality when it comes to the origins of masonry, christmas, etc. The all-seeing eye on the U.S. dollar bill *is* the Eye of Osiris, and Xmas *is* the Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice celebration and drums *do* hypnotize people (watch a voudou ceremony, or listen to trance electronica at a club). And there has long been a gnostic school of thought (predating Rome’s state sponsorship of Christianity) that saw St. Paul as the anti-christ (teaching opposite of the gospels, which didn’t appear until after Paul was dead).

    So, Chick isn’t inventing this stuff — ritual sex-abuse & violence cults exist, sometimes within organized churches — but he is spinning the weird world into a magical story that explains everything to *him.* Umberto Eco does the same thing in Foucault’s Pendulum. If only Eco had such hilarious cartoons ….

  4. I still remember the time I gave my high school biology teacher a Chick tract, to try to convince him that evolution was Satanic. Thank goodness I got THAT out of my system by the time I entered university.

  5. Actually Ken, despite some grains of truth, Jack Chick’s tracts are still little more than the ramblings of a paranoid nutter. Sure, Christmas may have originated with Mithras worship, and drums may be used to whip people into trances, but that doesn’t mean Christmas as celebrated today is a pagan holiday, or that the “Druids” invented rock music (If anything, Rock and most other popular styles draw more on black African influences than anything European).

    Furthermore, some of his claims are outright lies. His obsession with “proving” all “pagan” religions originated in Babylon is something people stopped believing in the 19th century. Even if you look at similarities, there are still huge differences. For example, many African and American Indian groups are monotheistic. Hinduism and other Asian faiths teach reincarnation. And so forth. Not to mention that the Babylonians had no contact with Polynesia, Australia, sub-Saharan Africa or the Americas. Or that the Indo-Aryans and Egyptians quite possibly pre-date Babylon (though Chick would never admit that, being a young earth creationist).

    His most disturbing claim is that Islam is a “pagan moon cult” (either started in Babylon or by the Catholics; he seems to contradict himself there) and that “Allah is a moon god”. Neither is true. Allah is the Arabic word for God, used by Christians and Jews. And Islam springs from the same roots as Judaism and Christianity, rejecting the pagan deities of pre-Islamic Mecca. But then, we wouldn’t expect Jack Chick to ever bother picking up a copy of the Qur’an either….

  6. Jack Chick’s accusations and ramblings are both absurd and extremely offensive. I would like to quote some of his tracts to show how hateful and blunt they are:

    “Get out of my class! After you apologise to everyone for your rudeness and ignorance we might let you back in!”- a university professor shreiking at a student who disagrees with evolution. From “Big Daddy?”

    “Allah be praised” “I am a Buddhist and you don’t exist” “We’re all gods” “Jesus is not the only way” -what people who are going to hell think. From “Something in Common”

    Dead Buddhist: “Are we going to see lord Buddha?”
    Angel: “No someone far more important: Jesus Christ” -A conversation between an dead man and an angel. From “The Tycoon”

    God: “…and Allah is satanic counterfeit, he is one of the many false gods that have deceived millions”
    Muslim man: “But I was a sincere Muslim”
    God: “You were sincerely wrong” -God speaking to an Islamic man. From “The Pilgrimage”

    “All who follow Islam will be cast into the lake of fire” -a subtitle
    Grandmother: “Abdulla, where does it say, We must slay the idolaters (non-muslims) wherever we encounter them?”
    Abdulla: “In the Qur’an Sura 9:5” -a conversation between a muslim boy and his grandmother. This tract also mistranslates “Jihad”, saying it means Holy War and claims that Muhammed is in hell. From “The Sky Lighter”

    “I’ll make a counterfeit Christian church, a counterfeit bible and a counterfeit God!” -the devil, planning the creation of Catholicism. From “Men in Black”.

    “Most people end up in hell” -A little kindergartener. From “Apes, Lies, and Ms. Henn”

    “Masonry is a dark, spiritual force blending all ungodly religions”. From “The Unwelcome Guest”.

    “Some are taught to chant, use prayer beads, meditate on ideas. Others worship ancestors, animals, and reigious leaders all for one reason… to get them to miss God’s precious gift of eternal life”. From “What’s Wrong with This”.

    “If I accept them, my people will disown me” -A rabbi’s thoughts as he looks at the scriptures that say that the messiah has already come

    “the intense occult training through D&D prepared Debbie to accept the invitation into the witches’ coven”. From “Dark Dungeons”

    Hindu man (Rather primitive looking man who wears a skull around his neck): “You serve a powerful god, what is his name?”
    Christian man (Hansome, tall, and well dressed): “The lord Jesus Christ”
    Hindu man: “How many heads does he have?”
    Christian man: “Only one”
    Hindu man: “How many arms?”
    Christian man: “Only two”
    Hindu man: “What kind of weaponry does he carry?”
    Christian man: “Jesus Christ needs no weaponry”
    Hindu man: “What kind of blood sacrifices does he demand?”
    Christian man: “None!” (A few panels later the Hindu is on his knees, saying he wants Christ as his lord) -From “The Traitor”

    Jack Chick attacks Roman Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Masons, Roleplayers, Ancient faiths, Hindus, and pretty much everything un-Christian. One of his greatest errors is that he states that Osiris is the ancient Egyptian sun god. That is WRONG, the sun god was Ra, Osiris was the god of life and fertility, but was murdered by Set and became the king of the underworld. Obviously Jack Chick is too busy attacking other faiths and ideas to take the time to understand them. He also accuses Roman Catholics of idolatry, which is the “sin” of worshipping idols. Most people don’t realize that idolaty was made a sin by the Jews in order to discourage worship of other faiths to make controling the populace easier.
    Chick also people who don’t share his beleifs as ugly and violent people who are easy to convert. Chick gives Christianity a bad name, and convinced me that Baphomet and the devil are greater than god (did you see how many people are going to hell? The devil’s servants must outnumber god’s servants millions to one). His tracts gave me satanic beliefs!
    I am sorry for rambling on, but I dislike his tracts so much and have gained a festering hatred for them. I wanted to get it all out of my system.

  7. “One of his greatest errors is that he states that Osiris is the ancient Egyptian sun god. That is WRONG, the sun god was Ra, Osiris was the god of life and fertility, but was murdered by Set and became the king of the underworld….”

    I wondered when a heathen would come forth to spread deception and lies about Mr. Chick. I shall pray for your soul, Rarend.


  8. Deception and lies, are you calling me a liar? Do you deny that “Jihad” means to struggle and acknowledge that the Catholic church is responsible for the Holocaust and is controlled by the devil himself. I will prove my statement about Osiris…

    From Jack Chick’s tract “The Death Cookie”
    “In Egypt the people worshipped the sun..and they called it… The Great god Osiris”
    He later calls Osiris a sun god

    From Wikipedia (look it up yourself)
    Osiris (Greek language, also Usiris; the Egyptian language name is variously transliterated Asar, Aser, Ausar, Wesir, or Ausare) is the Egyptian god of life, death, and fertility. He is also called the All-father. At the height of the ancient Nile civilization, Osiris was regarded as the primary deity of a henotheism. Osiris was not only the merciful judge of the dead in the afterlife, but also the underworld agency that granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River. Beginning about 2000 B.C. all men, not just dead pharaohs, were believed to be associated with Osiris at death.

    From the book of Leviticus 11: 1, 5-6
    1. And the lord spake unto Moses and Aaron saying to them…
    2. (2-4 is talking about what meats you can and cannot eat)
    5. And the coney because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof he is unclean to you
    6. And the hare because he cheweth the cud but divideth not the hoof he is unclean to you

    Do hares and coneys (rabbits) chew their cud?
    Who’s the liar?

  9. Is Jesuschrist the way the truth and the life like he said or he is not?
    is he going to judge the humanity or he is not going to do that?
    is he the Verb in the beginning or he is not?
    is he sat down in the heaven with the father or he is not there?
    did Jesus is alive or he is still dead?
    did he came to this world to pay or our sins or he was just a man?
    is he God or he is not?
    does the hell exist or it is just a fairy tale?
    does Satan exist or he does not?

    Dear friends, you all have to know that the only truth is in the Bible, because the Biblie is the Word of God and everything that is written in this book is going to be true and has been true in the past. i make you a question? have you read the Biblie?

    This book is really amazing friends, it is a book that gives you gidding in this life, c’mon friends, don’t you be so proud, have a teacher, let the Word of God shows you the way. Biblie is not a book for old people that is going to die soon, no, this book shows you how to enjoy the life, shows you how to love and how to forgive and get forgiveness.

    I ‘m super-sure that if you only read one verse of this book today, your life is going to change. do you know why? because the word of word is the word of God not the word of Jack. the scriptures are inspired by the spirit of God. and God loves you.

    You can read the hole Biblie and have knowledge of this book but if you don’t have revelation of what is written then you’re missing the essence of the word of God. Would you like to have revelation when you read?

    if you want revelaion, you need a teacher. the word of god was inspired by the Spirit of God, and he is a person, and he is moving all around the world, he is omni-present, so he is near to you right now.

    you can ask him right now for revelation:

    “Dear Holy Spirit i ask you for revelation to read only one verse of the biblie today, please sweet holy spirit, open my eyes and let me see what you inspired in this verse, in the name of jesus, amen.”

    Go ahead; read a verse.
    remember, only one verse today.

  10. You guys have no clue at all. To say that the definition of Allah is God and is used by Jews and Christians, to say that we are stupid to think that Christmas has babylonian origins, to say that evolution is actually a form of religion rather that proven science, to say that Christianity invented Satan. Well in fact thats exactly what satan wants you to think. That he is only mystical. Whether you may technically agree with CHick or not isnt the point. You all need Jesus. You are all on your way to hell as he forewarned because without him in your life there is no remission of sins and sin cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. We have all broken the Lord’s commandments that you all despise because you all want to lead a lifestyle to please your own flesh. Go ahead because you will turn out to be a fool when your soul is required of thee. The stuff that Chick mentions is not invented by him. Many speakers talk about the same stuff and dont necessarily have anything to do with Chick. If you guys think you know it all maybe you should all shutup and read the bible first in its context and then talk. Satan has always tried to unite the world against the Creator. He tried to do it at the Tower of babel and he will try again when the world unites against him. He has always tried to destory God’s people (Jews) via the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Babylonians, and as much as many people hate and despise them they also need Jesus. God promised he will be with them till the end regardless yetthey have turned their back on him and that has also been prophesied in the Old testament that his own brothers want him dead. The visions of King Bebuchadnezzar mentions in the book of Daniel in line with the vision of the beast with the 10 Horns mentioned by John in Revelation. They have disctinct similarities and were revlealed centuries apart. Why dont you all read the book of revelation especially chapter 13 and carefully read passages that mention about the mark of the beast to be put IN the head or IN the right hand and that no one may buy or sell lest they have this mark. Sounds like something technological that could be implanted to replace cards and physical ID. Doesn’t it sound familiar? How about 200 million soldiers from the east coming to invade israel as they cross the Euphrates River after it dries up? I saw a documentary on TV few years ago about how scientists dont understand why the EUPHRATES is drying up!!! China can easily raise 200 million soldiers and that does not include thearabic world. The bible contains prophesies about nuclear war, about world calamity. We humans are not perfect we have a sinful nature and we are already trying and striving to make the world a better place without God. Watch the TV on how we should all live in harmony because afterall we are super perfect humans and we have the power within to achieve this. Just like new age people, satanists and humanists think, WE have the power and THERE IS NO GOD WE ARE OUR OWN GODS. We are doing this by creating a zero tolerance society to protect problem ethic groups, homosexuals, encourage the cause against the right to physically discipline our kids. Then when issues happen we blame God. You will not understand the truth because you do not have God in your life. Your mind cannot grasp and comprehend the things of God because your minds have not been renewed to acknowledge His Purpose. Sure the choice is yours. Life like those of Sodom, eat drink and be merry, live lavishly and rebuke God, you only have a few years on this earth then there is an eternity. To say we have evolved makes our existence futile and vain and pointless. Then why human society? Emotions, conciousness? God or death…. Chick only wants to help you find God….

  11. I hear ya Alex. We try to defend and jusfify all the filth in this world and then promote that if it feels good do it!! We think that we can make the world a better place without God and that God is only someone we need when we have problems otherwise he is selfish and sucks anyway. People who don’t know God think that Christianity is all about controling the masses and Jesus didnt really exist. Self justification is the worst poison!!

  12. The blind faithful, as above. So ignorant of what’s in the very book they defend.

    Ritual human sacrifice is encouraged by the Bible (Isaac). Rape is condoned (Midianites and Jabesh-gilead). Murder? Completely acceptable to kill witches, homosexuals, fortunetellers, and as punishment for hitting your father or cursing your parents. I do hope you’ve murdered your children if they’ve evern spoken out against you, or you’re not a good Christian. And what about my slaves? The Bible not only approves of slavery, but it tells you how to obtain slaves, how hard you can beat them, and when you can screw the female ones. And those ten commandments that you see in so many courthouses, the ones you guys fight so valiantly to keep displayed? They’re not The Commandments. Those ‘rules’ were never called Commandments, and the only ones set in stone and brought down from the mountain were much, much different. Oh, but let’s not talk about THAT…

    Let’s just talk about contradictions. For Fundamentalist who claim that The Bible is the inerrant word of God, the literal word and absolute truth, I ask: have you even read the book? Not a single Christian I’ve known even realizes that the two accounts of Genesis completely contradict each other on the very beginning of Creation. It’s the first two chapters of the freaking book, people? HAVE you even read it? Or are you just letting yourself be spoonfed what’s in this evil book?

    To pretend that The Bible is the foundation of morality is laughable. But then, what do you expect from a religion that Hitler even followed.

  13. For Alex,

    > To say that the definition of Allah is God and is used by Jews and
    > Christians

    First of all, Allah IS Arabic for God, which is why if you go to Lebanon or Egypt you will find Bibles, CHRISTIAN Bibles, that use the word Allah. And same for the Arabic speaking Jews too.

    Second, most Jews would contend that Christians have it wrong. After all, a major tenet of the Judaic faith is that Jesus was not the Messiah, let alone the son of God!

    > to say that we are stupid to think that Christmas has babylonian
    > origins

    Babylonian? I’ve never heard that. The closest is that Christians chose to use December 25th because of it’s connections to the Persian cult deity of Mithras, who was widely worshipped by the Roman military at the time, and who is strikingly similar to Jesus (with the notable exception that he was a militant God, something the origin Christians were not).

    > to say that Christianity invented Satan. Well in fact thats exactly what
    > satan wants you to think. That he is only mystical.

    Ask the Jews what they believe about Satan, as opposed to what Christians and Muslims believe, and I think you’ll be surprised.

    > The stuff that Chick mentions is not invented by him. Many speakers
    > talk about the same stuff and dont necessarily have anything to do with
    > Chick.

    Just because someone else believes it to be true, does not make it so. I’d point out that many of these things are either popular conspiracy theories (that may very well have been originally invented, or at least popularized, by Chick himself anyway) or are from people we know influenced Chick.

    > He has always tried to destory God’s people (Jews) via the Egyptians,
    > Romans, Greeks and Babylonians

    Except, of course, that it was those same Romans who essentially created western Christianity (as opposed to it’s earlier incarnations in the east amongst the Copts, Assyrians, Greeks and so forth).

    Also, the Romans WERE pretty successful in scattering the Jewish people, leaving the area wide open for Christians (themselves subjects of Rome) and Muslims to claim their land in following centuries.

    > I saw a documentary on TV few years ago about how scientists dont
    > understand why the EUPHRATES is drying up!!!

    What wonderful anecdotal evidence… For the record, we DO know why. The region is drying up because of considerable environmental damage under Saddam, at least some of which was intentional.

    > China can easily raise 200 million soldiers and that does not include
    > thearabic world.

    China having such close relations with the Arab states? Heck, even the other Arab states don’t get along with one another. Remember the first Gulf War? Iraq invaded Kuwait, and many Arab states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia supported the US. Also, Morocco has been illegally occupying Western Sahara. Even now, countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Syria don’t do much to help the Palestinian refugees. I really doubt the 20 odd Arab states will ever cooperate on anything!

    Incidentally, not much for geography either. A good chunk of the Arab states are to the WEST of Israel, not the east. Heck, even countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the UAE, etc are more to the south than “east”. Nor do many Arab states (Egypt excluded) have large populations anyway.

    > The bible contains prophesies about nuclear war, about world calamity.

    Really? Care to point out where they specifically say the word nuclear?

    > Watch the TV on how we should all live in harmony because afterall we
    > are super perfect humans and we have the power within to achieve this.
    > Just like new age people, satanists and humanists think, WE have the

    Because those New Agers are such a violent lot, right? Incidentally, many ARE religious and do believe in God (or Gods).

    > We are doing this by creating a zero tolerance society to protect problem
    > ethic groups, homosexuals, encourage the cause against the right to
    > physically discipline our kids.

    Hahaha…. A bit racist are we? Or is it the fault of those “problem minorities” like blacks and Latinos?

    > To say we have evolved makes our existence futile and vain and
    > pointless.

    Actually, I’d say it makes life wonderous anyway. Whether random or intentional, the point is that we are here. I see nothing wrong in that.

  14. Jack Chick’s death will be a greatly observed day of rejoicing. Satan is going to have a heydey with is soul.

    As for the Mark of the Beast?

    The context that it is the number of a man is ths. The word for man in the Greek is Anthropos. It means MANKIND.

    666 is the number of mankind.

    The only 666 chapter and verse cobination in the New Testament is John 6:66. John 6 is the Eucharist Discourse. Those that have denied the Real Presence have alread marked. It took 2 men to figure this out. The Catholic Priest that first divided the Books into Chapters and the the Printer that subsequently divided the Chapters into Verses. Nothing about the Word of God is coincidence. There more than likely was divine guidance when the Books were divided into chapters and then another divine guidance when the chapters were divided into verses.

    Trogo on that for a while…..

  15. “I wondered when a heathen would come forth to spread deception and lies about Mr. Chick. I shall pray for your soul, Rarend.


    Factual accuracy hurts, doesn’t it?

  16. When it comes down to it… So what if you’re in hell? What happens then?
    Are you forced to do labour forever? Probably not, as you could just stand still, but then you’ll be taken off for torture..So what? Just laugh, mock them, mock them for the evil demons that they really are. It is hell so you could be tortured forever, but really, you could experiment, try as many things as possible, see what happens. Enjoy yourself. And another thing, anything which you do over and over and over becomes boring and you get used to it, torture no exception (bearing it mind it has to last long enough) so then what, you’ll just be sitting there, being tortured but unaware of it.

    Another more likely thing to happen would be Satan allowing you to do deeds upon the earth for him, tricking other people into bad deeds, murdering, harassing and otherwise pestering the living. You wouldn’t be tortured, and you could pick out people you despise to harass, why would satan turn down the millions and millions of servants he must have in hell and not use them to agrivate God’s plans and trick all the living? He wouldn’t. There you have an entire flawed principle, Hell is pointless. There is no suffering. And if satan did used to be one of God’s most trusted angels then he would know how to annoy God best.

    So you can all go pray to your God’s for salvation and a good afterlife but at the end of the day, its all impossible, your corpse will just bio-degrade in a wooden box and thats that. Great afterlife.


    No matter what your beliefs are,
    No matter who you are or where you come from,
    No matter which God you choose to believe in,

    Religion, although it has been used countless times to justify torture, imprisonment, and even execution, it typically encourages tolerance, peace, acceptance and love.

    The beliefs and teachings of Jack Chick are anathema to Christ.

    Whether or not Christ is God,
    Whether or not Jesus even existed,
    Whether or not any religion on earth is right or wrong,

    Jack Chick’s words and teachings are those of hate, intolerance, and of arrogance.

    And this statement comes from a self-proclaimed agnostic.

    No matter what your beliefs are,
    Whether you are a hardcore believer,
    Whether you are an agnostic,
    Whether you are an atheist,

    BELIEVE in tolerance and acceptance.

    Not necessarily from the teachings of religion, but out of human decency.

    Jack Chick is a delusional, self-righteous, imposing character.

    Worship all you want, it doesn’t justify insensitivity towards others.

    Think about that, would you, Mr. Chick?

  18. Say what you will about Jack Chick. Jack Chick is just a man who feels he has been ‘called’ to do as he does. It is not Jack Chick you need to fear.

    I’m here to say (to whoever will bother to read this), that I am a Christian. Jesus is my Savior, and I have asked him countless times to forgive my countless sins. Am I scared of death? Of course! Who isn’t.

    But everyone needs something to believe in to get through life. I cannot believe that when we die we are simply wormfood. There has to be something else. Man has believed in countless gods and goddesses throughout the centuries.

    I for one believe in Jesus Chirst, He was the Son of God and the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus. My faith lies with Him. When I die and face my judgement, I want Jesus standing next to me saying “Father, he is one of mine”.

    I’m no saint. I’m an adulterer, a heavy metal rocker, a liar, and a thief. I’m as dirty and rotten as they come. I try to be a good Christian and walk the straight and narrow path, but it is very difficult. My only hope is that Jesus forgives me for all I do.

    I say to the world “Jesus is Lord, and you better accept him. There is no other way to escape the Lake of Fire but through Him.”

  19. But…
    What if you die and you find your self standing before a blue War-Goddess with 6-arms and a necklace made from the heads of a thousand kings? Yeah, your pretty much f**ked.

    Exactly, you can never no one will happen to you in the great beyond, because you accepted (as undeniable truth) just one of millions of other religions. There is a huge margin of error, and you could waste your entire life if you believe in the quote/unquote wrong religion. What? Because you worship a dead hippy nailed to a two-by-four it makes you some how special? Please…

    Your argument is illogical, You say god suppasses logic, but your no god, just a stupid fundy with an agenda. Unquesting loyality to perseved non-sense does not make you pious, it makes you look like an idiot.

    The fact that you refer to your self as a recovering “heavy metal rocker” just goes to show that you have no concept of it. “Pagan rituals had beats too…” SOOOO? Thats what music is dipshit. If it did’nt have beat it would’nt be music. If you honestly listen to only church choirs all day, you missing out on something good becase of some paranoid delusion.

  20. I’m a Christian myself, and even *I* think the man’s squrril bait. Some of the ideas he expresses are genuine, granted, but he covers them in so much harsh retoric (sp?) that they look utterly foolish.

  21. I want no part of this debate. I know where I stand, and there is no use in arguing with zealots.

    Has anyone seen the Cthulhu-based parody of the Chick Tracts? The original site, so I hear, was sent a threatening letter from Jack Chick’s lawyer and shut down.

    Fortunately, people have put the comic back on the net, at places like

  22. It’s amusing to recon there are people who take Jack Chick’s strips to factual basis. Ignorance and stupidity are undetachable parts of faith.

  23. I remember when the first priests came around the north. They said I could eternal life with a man named Christ. The funny thing is, I had been around for 364 years when they arrived. It wasnt until these “men of god” showed up that death became more and more rampant. Souls died from this religion, How do I know? Guess!

  24. That link to the Cuthulu Jack Chick comic MADE MY FREAKIN YEAR! I am still laughing!

    I must say that I am a Christian, I even went to an Evangelical Church that demanded kids go out and encourage other people to be Christians. I can’t say that it is wrong to offer advice to people, and the goal was not to get them to come to “our” church but to just believe in God (the way we do).

    There was some attempt to be Chick-like in “How to witness to Mormons” etc.. but a genuine faith in God was always appreciated. I say this because so many people miss the point. It is about Personal faith, which is personal (aka none-o-yo beezwax) and faith (no proof, just faith). I can prove that faith in Jesus will set you free as well as I can prove that it is better to be eaten first by the Elder Gods.. well except that faith in Jesus has given me peace and helps me.

    I don’t have to give anyone money, cut myself, wear colors or talk to people in booths.. it is just you and God. So I can grab a beer and pull out my D&D books with Harry Potter on the TV and not get possessed (not even once yet!). I can have neighbors in a committed, loving and positive homosexual relationship without worrying about fire from the sky burning them up or them raping me or my kids.

    In short, Jack Chick was crazy and exaggerated. But if you are a slave to any of the things that Jack has in a flyer, you might find peace in a faith in Jesus. If Jesus aint for you, then there is always Cthulhu… Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh…

  25. Yes, I am Jesus returned.
    2000 years and you folks have gone insane.
    I died for your sins so that you wouldn’t have to worry about Hell or Satan or any of this crap.
    Y’all still kill each other and hate your fellows. You still preach against my teachings and spew hate. Whose bright idea was it to honor me by the image of me nailed to the cross!? That was a kick in the pants, let me tell you.
    Love your neighbor. That’s it! That sums up all I said before- and you twisted it into crazy reasons to kill.
    Dad was right- you are all just insane apes.

    I died for you once- never again! Ingrates.

  26. Mr Mierek and i go way back, and I mean way back. He is serious about religion enough to study everything. Only problem with book smarts is that it leaves little room for faith but I love you man. So here is what I am going to do for you. I know you believe in the bible, passed down for years many translations but it is still the book of God. Hopefully we are on the same page there right. Here is your journey if you want to know if Jesus really is the son of God let go from old testament to new. A proficy in the old testament to it being forfilled in the new with Jesus.
    Isaiah 7:14 -to- Matthew 1:25
    Micah5:1 to Matthew 2:1
    Isaiah 11:12 to Matthew 3:16
    Zechariah 9:9 to John 12:15
    Psalm 41:9 to Matthew 26:48-49
    Isaiah 53:7 to Matthew 27:12
    Isaiah 50:6 to Matthew 26:67
    Psalm 22:18 to John 19:23-24
    Isaiah 53:12 to Mark 15:27
    Psalm 69:21 to John 19:28-30
    Psalm 22:1 to Matthew 27:46
    Isaiah 53:5 to John 19:34-35
    Amos 8:9 to Matthew 27:45
    Psalm 118:17-18 to Mark 16:6-8

    So one could conclude with all of the scripures with 66 different books by 40 different authors. That Jesus one of two things either he was a liar, or he really was the son of God. Who do you say he is?

  27. Jay. Using a book to support the claims of given book is circular logic.

    Especially considering the obvious falsehoods of the bible, unless you whant to argue about how insects have four legs, bats are birds, one pair spawned the entire human species (including evry race, african-chinese-caucasian ect. ), the several million species of eart fit on a wooden boat, (What did the predators eat after? How come there isnt a hunch of geological evidence for the giant flood?) and the earth is flat and has four corners.

    Anybody who acually read that book from cower to cower and still believes its stories, is either extrimely ignorant, or outright insane.

  28. You guys seem to be quite intelligent and have your own agenda. I have witness to thousands of men and women in my life and will witness to thousands more before I meet my God. The depth of impenitence you possess will keep you blind long enough for the curtains of your life to close and you will surely die in your sin. You have made your choice. That choice is clear. now you will have to live with it. God will honor it.
    I have no say one way or the other about Jack Chick. It is quite obvious that your disdain is for God and not Jack. Live long as you can and don’t die is all I can suggest.

  29. Thank you !!!

    Someone is FINALLY exposing the hideous lies of Jack Chick !!!!

    Jack Chick is as close to being an anti-Christ as
    anyone can imagine — and he does it all under
    the ‘sheep’s clothes’ of pretending to be a christian.

    Jack Chick is EVIL, a liar, a divider, an anti-Christ and
    one of the most evil of all people found in the western
    hemisphere (with James Dobson and Pat Robertson also
    tying for the role) and literally turns people off from Christ.

  30. I’ve had an Afro for 6 years. It’s a statement of who I am and where I’m from. Enjoy the Fro!

  31. “With heady and convoluted intricacies that would make Dan Brown jealous…”

    ## The Leigh Teabing character in “The Da Vinci Code” delivers a speech that is based on “The Two Babylons”, which is Chick’s single main source for his Rome-is-Babylon silliness. Jealous or not, DB is almost certainly indebted, somehow or other, to JC.

    Logically, there is absolutely no way that JC can prove he is not a “secret Jesuit”, infiltrating Fundamentalism in exactly the way he claims “Alberto” did, so as to make Fundamentalism look unintelligent and paranoid. The depth of JC’s supposed knowledge of the Vatican is extremely suspicious. Obviously he is not really a Baptist at all.

  32. Love those Chick tracts. ;) because they do not water-down the reality that the Lord has the upper hand. Yeah, i know that ticks off lots of folks…oh well ;/ Just a few days ago, the world suffered a loss – Jack Chick was dispatched home.

  33. I love these little things. They insensitive, nihilistic, factually incorrect and a perfect reflection of the sheer horror of the Christian worldview. In Europe we ”had” Christian societies and they were hell on earth, because of men like Jack Chick. Say what you will, these things are a shocking worts and all exposé basic Christian doctrine. The unrelenting cruelty of this religion (sadomasochistic death cult) simply doesn’t get enough press or scrutiny.

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