The Future of America Has Been Stolen

Monica Goodling from the Washington Post

Investigative reporter Greg Palast says 4.5 million votes will be shoplifted in 2008, thanks largely to the "Rove-bots" that have been placed in the Justice Department following the U.S. Attorney firings. Being the guy who uncovered the voter "purge lists" of 2000 that disenfranchised black voters, he's worth listening to, even if the mainstream press chooses not to.

This time around, he claims to have 500 emails that the House subpoenaed and Karl Rove claims were deleted forever. They prove definitively, says Palast, that the Justice Department is infested with operatives taking orders from Rove to steal upcoming elections for Republicans and permanently alter the Department.

The "clownocracy" of Bush and Rove is criminal and even evil in its attempts to steal past and future elections, according to Palast, and can only be stopped if "Democrats...find their souls and find their balls."

In an updated new version of his best-selling book, Armed Madhouse, Palast lays out the case for the future theft of the presidency, along with lots of other Executive malfeasance. I chatted with him about the role of the Justice Department in this scheme, and what it means for the viability of our "democracy."

PUBLISHER'S UPDATE: Here are some of the 500 emails. —JD

JEFF DIEHL: First off, the "lost" emails. I guess you're confident those 500 emails aren't themselves a hoax? Considering the source? [John Wooden, the man behind the spoof site,, forwarded them on to Palast after someone accidentally sent them to Wooden's domain.]

GREG PALAST: Oddly, the GOP verified their authenticity to BBC. I almost fell over dead when they did that.

JD: How did they do that exactly?

GP: We asked them on camera. They did not deny they were the party's internal emails — just disagreed what the "caging" lists were. Saying, for example, they were "donor" lists. Men in homeless shelters?

Remember, there's no First Amendment in England. I'm wrong, I'm sued, I'm broke, I'm toast.

JD: Let's move on to former Justice Department counsel (and Regent University graduate) Monica Goodling's recent testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee, since it's so fresh...

GP: The blondeling underling of the Police State. The lady was trying to tell us something important, but the dim bulbs of the U.S. press and the committee dolts wouldn't listen. She began by accusing her bosses of perjury. The issue was her allegation that they knew all about "caging." And no one asked her one damn question about it. Like what is "caging" and why would they commit perjury to cover it up?

JD: Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) asked, and Goodling said, "It has to do with direct mail."

GP: And that was it. D'oh! It's not about "direct mail." Direct mail has to do with Victoria's Secret and stuff like that. This was all about stealing the 2004 — and 2008 — elections. That's why she wanted immunity. She was afraid it would all unravel, the caging game...but she had nothing to fear.

JD: Well, it is a direct mail term, but it's also a voter supression term. Do no senators know that, not even Committee Chair John Conyers?

GP: Conyers knows — and he knows me. He's keeping his powder dry. The others are clueless.

Caging works like this. Hundreds of thousands of Black and Hispanic voters were sent letters — do not forward. Letters returned as undeliverable ("caged") were used as evidence the voter didn't live at their registered address. The GOP goons challenged these voters' right to cast ballots — and their votes were lost.

But whose letters were caged? Here's where the game turns to deep evil. They targeted Black students on vacation, homeless men — and you'll love this — Black soldiers sent overseas. They weren't living at their home voting address because they were shivering under a Humvee in Falluja.

JD: As you put it in regard to election rigging, 2000 was about "purge lists," 2004 was about "caging," and 2008 will be about "verification." Can you briefly explain the difference between these?

GP: Sure. In 2000, I cracked the computer disks (CD-ROMs then) from Katherine Harris' office showing 56,000 names of voters "purged" from voter rolls as felons who aren't allowed to vote. In fact, every one — every one — was an innocent voter, though most were guilty of VWB — Voting While Black. That was the 2000 "purge."

In 2004, it was nearly identical. Except, instead of calling voters "felons," they called them "suspect" voters, fraudulently using a false voting address. The effect was the same: the voter would lose their registration; or their vote on election day when they showed to vote; or, in the case of soldiers, their absentee ballot would be challenged and tossed.

JD: You claim the reason for Democrat inaction in election scandals is because of racism, that the white caucus is bigger than the black caucus. But don't Democrats gain by making sure black people are enfranchised?

GP: Which Democrats? The huge purge and block of voters in Georgia [were done by] reptiles like Zell Miller in control of the Georgia Democratic Party. There's an awful lot of Democrats who would not win primaries if dark-skinned citizens could just vote any time they pleased.

JD: My mind goes back to Conyers. What did you mean earlier by "keeping his powder dry?"

GP: We talk. 'Nuff said.

JD: Fair enough. So you're working also with former U.S. Attorney for New Mexico, David Iglesias, yes?

GP: Claro que si.

JD: I was watching Chris Matthews' TV show — "Softball," as you've called it — and he asked Iglesias what his long term plans were — if he was writing a book. Iglesias indicated that he was, and also, that he wanted a TV show similar to Matthews' at some point, and seemed to be totally serious. Given that Iglesias has been willing to go "along with the game" in the past, are you concerned that his recent turn might be motivated by opportunism?

GP: I don't care if he's motivated by a love of Barbie dolls. He's been pushed by the Rove-bots to expose the game. I'll take it anyway I can get it — the facts, ma'am.

JD: Do you have a wide-angle view of the current Administration's strategy with the Justice Department, and if so, give us the summary. Is it about election theft, or is it mostly about stocking the lake for future conservative judge appointments?

GP: Yes. First, it's elections. They don't want the voters making any foolish choices. Specifically, while the attention's been focused 100% on the firings, no one is talking about the hirings. That's what Goodling was trying to get across.

The key: at the "Pearl Harbor Day Massacre," they replaced the prosecutors with Rove-bots, a sleeper cell of anti-Constitutional saboteurs who will explode in 2008, led by the new prosecutor for Arkansas, Tim Griffin.

JD: Talk a little bit about the relevance of Tim Griffin — the perp who became prosecutor — and Arkansas in 2008.

GP: It was Griffin who directed the "caging" ops for the GOP. Caging, by the way, is illegal. Law Professor Bobby Kennedy pointed out it violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — and I'd add, as a former racketeering investigator, mail fraud statutes. So Griffin's a felon — now U.S. Attorney.

JD: Is Kennedy still actively publicizing this?

GP: Yes. The incriminating email is reproduced right in Armed Madhouse. That's why Griffin and Goodling were high-fiving over the fact that no one's picked up the investigations of that "British reporter" Palast.

The key thing is, Griffin is not just "involved," he is directing the scheme. His denial was confidential — had to be subpoenaed. Remember, as Goodling testified, the line of the Bushies is that Griffin had nothing to do with caging.

JD: So is Congress eventually going to get to all this? Is that the end game with the Justice Department investigation?

GP: No, Congress won't do squat. Did anyone do anything about the felon purge? It went backwards: Bush signed the Help America Vote Act. God forbid.

Explore more of Greg Palast's reporting on his website.

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64 thoughts to “The Future of America Has Been Stolen”

  1. thanks a zillion for covering this. i blogged about monica revealing the theft with her caging remark but it’s gotten very little coverage overall… i mean she just testified under oath that tim griffin had been using caging in the ’04 vote. if that ain’t smoking gun material, i don’t know what is.

    oh, i heard about listening to some of ru’s podcasts on at the studio where i was working today.

    PUBLISHER’S UPDATE: Here are the 500 emails! –JD

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  3. Two weeks ago, I first heard about Palast and the 500 emails. Since then I’ve read two or three interviews with him. But I haven’t seen him mention what he’s planning to do with the emails.

    Has he published them on the web? Has he sent them to Pat Leahy or Henry Waxman? Where can I see them?

    By the way, how do we know if there are only 500 emails total? (Palast says he has “the 500 emails…”)

    Palast is a great investigative reporter. (Has he ever been on the Daily Show? I’ve never seen him, though they have seem to have an endless source of bow-tied Replicans. Colbert too.) I’d like to see him blow this story open. If he has “the 500 emails” he would seem to have the explosives on hand. Blast it!

  4. as i zoom ahead in my improv motorcycle, i look back from the road ahead glad to see the evil semi jack-knifing in slow motion, right on schedule. next thing you know, the fookin stock market will rip the invisibility cloak right off herrBush. al gore announces on 7-7-7. jackpot.

    -][ola bonobo

  5. This post could have been a lot more effective and convincing if palast didn’t come across as a complete wacko who’s more concerned about sounding cool than unbiasedly reporting the info. And you wonder why big media don’t pick up on this stuff.

  6. What a conspiracy nut job. Liberals can’t even deal with just plain losing 2004. No wonder they don’t want to keep score on playgrounds.

  7. Midwestliberal — Remember, Palast earns his living off his books. If he posted all of his hard-earned research on the web for you to examine for free, he wouldn’t be able to make enough scratch to keep doing the work he’s doing. Give the guy a break. No disrespect intended, but like Jon Stewart slamming Tucker Carlson, he’s “not your monkey”.

    Palast has published the relevant portions of the “500 emails” in his book, “Armed Madhouse”, now out in paperback. He clearly says in the article above that Conyers — one of the few people in the country in a position to actually do anything about it — has the relevant information.

  8. i’m agree 100% with cmon — palast comes off like an obnoxious douchebag. no wonder he’s not taken seriously.

  9. How can people keep making issue of votes which would have been caste as democrat? Why do they keep saying Gore won? Why is the fact that literally millions of illegal aliens, which of course voted predominately for democrats in the election, gone unnoticed and not discussed? Get the partisan aspect of this out of it. Our voting system is just about done for. We need to revamp the system. Illegals shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Why? Well, because it’s illegal! Also, the touch screen voting has been shown to be a sham. Just where does that little electron go after you touch the screen? If anyone has proof it’s properly cast, show the evidence of that. We need a better verification system that proves only citizens are allowed to vote. We also need to go back to paper ballots, which are a physical record and can be recounted. How do you recount an elecronic vote? Also, let citizen groups be in charge of voting oversite, not VNS, a consortium of media conglomerates, or the government itself. Get the voting process out in the open and under public scrutiny. If we fail to do this, then voting is a controllable scam and not the real voice of the people, and we will have no honest elections.

  10. We of the previously apathetic non-voters of America majority have a low tolerance for they election system we refused before to participate in because it was clearly corrupt if only because our choices were no choice at all. We don’t purge as easy as minorities, and cleaning the beltway out of Congress is our main goal. We saw the 2000 election get stolen, and then again in 2002, 2004, and 2006. This is our chance here to head these election thieves off at the pass and stop them. If that fails you can count on the growing numbers of previously apathetic non-voters of America to come to the rescue. Take heart that the game is almost up for them. We swept them out in 2006 in spite of the vote-theft games, and 2008 will be a good sweeping.


    See these links:

    Karl Rove Seen at Homosexual Orgies in Washington
    Introduction – March 15, 2005

    They say that there is no smoke without fire and stories linking senior members of the Bush administration with homosexual circles continue to circulate. Coupled with the Gannon/Guckert affair and the ‘Desperate Wives’ interview with Kay Griggs it is symptomatic of a much deeper malaise. Widespread and profligate homosexuality seems to be a characteristic of cultures in terminal decline. It was apparent in the imperial Ming dynasty shortly before its final collapse. It is evident around the British Royal House of Windsor which is waited upon by what has been described as a “homosexual mafia”. It flourished in the final days of ancient Rome and now it seems to be surfacing in and around the White House. Gossip aside, there seems to be a strong homosexual element around Bush and his administration and it is through this medium that much darker forces are making their influence felt. Coupled with neocon cabal it adds up to a veritable witches cauldron in Washington’s seats of power. Ed.

    Karl Rove Seen at Homosexual Orgies in Washington
    Tom Flocco – Conspiracy Planet

    Walter Storch, editor of the Barnes Review News reported three weeks ago that “Karl Rove was seen by one of my people entering a private homosexual orgy at a five-star Washington hotel over the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) weekend last year.” [2004]

    A Barnes reporter told Storch that “Karl greatly enjoyed the supervision of a certain hairy 350-lb. Leather Dominator who had won the Miss Virginia Daddy Bear title at the MAL festivities.”

    Storch wrote, “Karl used to hang out a JR’s, which is on 17th between P & S streets, before he became so well-known. This is a respectable gay bar for discreet people…,” adding, “there is an expensive apartment…over near Dupont Circle that certain powerful senators take turns visiting with their pickups.”

    “Bush, via Karl Rove, was projected as a moral man who would return a hedonistic America to the simpler virtues of a bygone era. A large part of the American public, unhappy with what they saw as debilitating liberalism, abortion on demand, gay marriage and other forms of moral decay, put Bush back in office,” said the Barnes editor.

    “Now they have to deal with rampant male whores prancing around the White House in consort with a small army of closet queens, all of whom very obviously have the ear, and the confidence, (and hopefully, that’s all they have) of their ‘moral’ choice for President,” said Storch.

    Interestingly, also counts “one Supreme Court Justice, several governors (all Republican) and at least one very prominent televangelist” among those high officials who are saying one thing and doing another with respect to Storch’s closet queen issue.

    While American citizens watch, unanswered questions remain as Democrats and Republicans ignore young witnesses with clear and credible evidence–refusing to hold each other’s legislators criminally accountable for their unspeakable crimes against children.

    DC Madam scandal widens: Cheney, Giuliani, Abramoff
    WMR is now reporting specifically who at ABC News’ 20/20 became fully aware of not only Cheney’s use of the escort service, but dozens more “high profile” names – culled from the phone records only since 2002 (the escort services full records go back to 1994). ABC’s crack team was reportedly gagged by their bosses after concerned calls from the White House.
    Posted May 24, 2007 05:07 PM PST
    Category: CURRENT EVENTS

    DC Madam scandal widens: Cheney, Giuliani, Abramoff
    posted 05/25/07 (edited Friday, May 25, 2007 15:57)

    The media black-out on the scandal involving DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey is surprising in light of the lack of lawsuits being leveled at the Wayne Madsen Report website. Instead of Dick Cheney and the recently resigned Randall Tobias filing libel and slander lawsuits against the site, we see only their silence. Moreover, the Wayne Madsen site has been continually expanding on this story – making this either the scoop of the century, or the biggest fairy tale in DC history.

    Consider this: WMR is now reporting specifically who at ABC News’ 20/20 became fully aware of not only Cheney’s use of the escort service, but dozens more “high profile” names – culled from the phone records only since 2002 (the escort services full records go back to 1994). ABC’s crack team was reportedly gagged by their bosses after concerned calls from the White House. This would be amazing if true, yet no White House denial has been forthcoming as of this writing…


    The Franklin Coverup Scandal

    The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse

    Wayne Madsen Report [about Bush’s ghey past

    (Bush and Victor Ashe)
    The Truth about George W. Bush

    George Bush Sends Flowers,Etc. to Victor Ashe

    Bones & Ashe

    google advanced search:Karl Rove’s Gay Orgies


    My Blog URL

  12. I’m always taken aback by peoples’ amazement and incredulity when these things come up. As a person who has spent many hours trolling the backwaters of news it always surprises me when people don’t know this stuff, but then when I see what passes for news on television and the front pages of newspapers I understand.

    This stuff never gets coverage and that’s why, when people hear the unvarnished truth, it sounds to them like lunatic ravings.

    We can start conversations about geography with the assumption that everyone knows that the earth is an oblate spheroid but we can’t talk politics assuming that everyone knows how the last few US elections have been rigged. It goes as successfully as starting a conversation a thousand years ago would have gone if we begin “Australia is on the opposite side of the world”. Without the appropriate context your audience would wonder where a nut would get such an outrageous “spherical” theory. You might be ridiculed as a “sphericy theorist”.

    Always when talking to the public you have to go back to the beginning and break it to them gently, bit by bit.

  13. Election fraud is a matter for the secret service and would be deemed by most Americans as worse than treason and deserving of the harshest penalty.

    The first thing we need to do is clean house and make sure our legislative bodies have a clear handle on what is allowed and what is not allowed in influencing elections.

    Everyone knows that district rigging has been going on almost unchalleneged for decades.

    However, outting votes on racial or contrived information basis is illegal, immoral, unethical and very very un-American. Someone should loose their American license.

    So, if the evidence is out there, I would hope any good American would be forth coming in carefully getting the information to the press, federal agencies and the public.

    Really though, without presidential run off elections (in the event of third party candidate splits), we will never have a fair and equitable system for selecting the commander in chief.

    Using federal agents to intimidate and discredit an electoral candidate is so unethical… I’d be afraid to face judgment day knowing I’d been responsible for something like that.

    Using machines to improperly disqualify votes is equally wrong.

    There really are costs and ramifications for all of the behaviours and actions we make in this life. I sure wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for destroying the democractic process. What a shameful legacy to leave ones self in this life.

  14. To eStafano,

    It’s not like Greg hasn’t been to congress. It isn’t like Greg hasn’t been to the press. He has reported on this numerous times since 2000 on the BBC but Americans just haven’t heard of it.

    As Greg says on his website …

    “Our BBC team broke the story at the top of the nightly news everywhere on the planet — except the USA — only because America’s news networks simply refused to cover this evidence of the electoral coup d’etat that chose our President in 2004.”

    In the US this news is suppressed. The networks don’t want it and the congress critters don’t seem to want to impugn the system that keeps them paid. Powerful people are playing for power here and most of the folks on the Hill and in the news are probably scared of getting hurt if they get in the way (a la Plame et al)

  15. i dont trust any website that starts with a number. this is the stupidest shit




  17. So Big woop… Kennedy stole the election in 60, The Unions stole it for Truman in 48, and Bush stole it twice… There are some folks who believe the R’s stole the election from Samual J Tilden beat Ruterford B Hayes…not beyond belief as the outgoing administration of Ulysses S. Grant was the most corrupt in US history, and Tilden was a reformer who had broken Tammney

  18. Greg Palast was first a forensic economist who studied with the legendary “Chicago Boys” and helped bring the Enron thieves down. He then turned his attention and skill to investigative journalism. He has been trying to get the word out since he was able to prove the 2001 election was stolen. His work is incredibly valid and well researched. He has the evidence to back up what he says and has turned it all over to Congress. Why anyone slams him without even doing a minimum of research into the facts is beyond me yet they will listen to the lying talking head pseudo reporters on MSM. No wonder our country is going down the tubes, people would rather believe the lying corporate mouthpieces on the TV then to listen to a highly educated stellar independant investigative journalist with hard copy facts to prove the subversion brought upon usthrough election fraud cooked up by the Republican Party.

  19. Click on my name here to see the Documents that will make G.W. Bush Dictator..over all government including local and state and even tribal as well as all Federal..

    Here is the link to these treasonous dangerous documents NSPD-51 and HSPD-20

    Why is there no Media coverage of this one and why is Congress silent on this abomination and outright treason..?

    This may be why Gonzales is so smug and Karl Rove had a secret visit to Congress recently..

    All it takes is anything Bush declares an Emergency and he can even postpone free elections and the emergency does not even have to occur in America itself..!

    This is nuts and our Congress should have immediately called for Impeachment for even trying this he signs his own right to take over all government with no oversight..

    The Republic is in greater danger than ever in our history and it’s Bush not al-Qaeda that threatens our Republic itself he and his Texas Mafia and the other criminals and liars and sycophants that surround him..!

    These are Presidential Directives on National Security and Homeland Security..

    All the Bush and bin-Laden families have to do is arrange another attack upon America and we are under G.W. Bush Dictator..or even just a Hurricane anything if some one” farts in his general direction” He can Declare Emergency and is then Dictator..!

    The Supreme Court will uphold this as the Federalist Society now controls what was our Supreme Court with their vile pernicious pusillanimous majority..especially that lying criminal swine Sam Alito..old story but true, Sam Alito is a criminal..and now also a the Constitution and our very system of government as well..

    And so say I, TJ Colatrella

    Happy Memorial Day..!

  20. Is this article serious? No, this article is a joke and here’s my three points on why I think so.

    1. This whole “controversy” over the firing of district attorneys is a fabricated scandal by the Democrats. Any hiring or firing of a district attorney by a President has always been for political reasons. The Dems didn’t get to hang Karl Rove with the outcome of the Scooter-Libby Trial, fondly referred to for years, as a “shadow over the administration”, in the media. So now we get treated to another of the Dems round of political grandstanding. It just goes to show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their constituents sleep at night. It doesn’t speak well for their constituents, when they are willing to settle for such cheap lies and baseless accusations in order to put their party back in power.

    2. From the title of the article, I thought this was going to be about the Ted Kennedy Amnesty Bill. I mean, couldn’t you see how that really could put the Latin vote in the Dems back-pocket?

    3. The only time I hear people say that the election was “stolen” is when a Republican wins. No one questions the voter fraud that the Republicans were up against. Or have you not been paying attention to the constant loosening of Voter regulations by the Dems lately? They’re constantly opposed to a simple photo ID requirement, to which the government offers to fit the bill and grants more than ample time to register. The only piece missing is an earlier get-out-and-vote campaign for the less fortunate (but, legal citizens) and BOOM problem solved.

    4. Do any of you remember that the Dems promised they were going to cleanup Washington? Has anyone see any serious ethic reform bills lately? No, you haven’t. So let’s get real about the bi-partisan widespread corruption that’s burning our democracy up in flames and stop pointing fingers!

  21. Haha, Rove even has his bots posting here accusing a BBC reporter of being a conspiracy nut.

  22. Anthony, I think you are suffering from illusions of grandeur. I care about people like you and the author of this purely speculative article. If you would’ve scanned more than just “Rove” and “Dems” from my post, and actually read it, you would’ve found that I said little about Rove or the Repubs and was speaking about the country as a whole. Both Dems and Repubs have their share of demons. This article is pure speculation based on skewed or fabricated facts. If you read my second and third points, I offer some alternative viewpoints, which offers you as much speculation as this article does. I admit to my bias though and like to think my speculation is more thoughtful and less arrogant. So take your pick, I gander you already have and that’s fine, but please don’t be rude and dismiss me as just another one of Rove’s “bots”.

  23. When are you going to start “cleaning up” the White House and the current Administration??? I will not vote for you in 2008 if things do not change!!!

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