20 Funniest Reactions to the Jason Fortuny Verdict

His blog at RFJason.com disappeared, and one anonymous Livejournal comment claims that "he hasn't made contact with anyone for weeks. Even his accomplices don't know what's going on." (Though his personal blog at LiveJournal is still up — with its old tagline "Getting away with everything you can only dream of.")

But now that a judge ordered Jason Fortuny to pay $74,252.56 in various legal fines —what's the internet's final verdict? Was Fortuny's Craigslist prank instructive, malicious — or a little bit of both?

Here's the 20 funniest reactions.


"Why do I hear Aretha singing 'Dancin in the streets'? ;-) Honestly this should be declared an international holiday or something."

      — Livejournal blogger Mrs-Ralph


"trolls are getting sued now? what is the world coming to"

      — Livejournal user Kassichu


"This is what happens when you don't put out like you imply you will."

      — Livejournal user Demure


"I love when reality collides with LiveJournal. It's like a super nova exploding."

      — Livejournal user Katastrophic


"Don't worry about lawsuits. They won't happen."

      — Jason Fortuny, October, 2006


"If he was a TRULY great troll, he would have done it all anonymously. As it is, he's pretty much in the same position as those dudes who sent him pics... ...consequences got back to him. That's life."

      — Livejournal user Yhanthlei


"Well, it's not like the plaintiff won on the merits of the case, if that makes you feel better. He only won because the troll didn't show up to some meetings. Happens all the time in civil court."

      — Livejournal user Nandexdame


"A legal 'appearance' does not mean that Fortuny had to physically appear in Court initially. Rather, he had to properly file the appropriate documents in the correct court.

"Mr. Fortuny failed to do so."

      — Charles Mudd, the lawyer in the successful lawsuit


"If you are 13 or older you should expect naked explicit pictures of your ass to show up on the internet. this is 2009 America, after all."

      — A possibly-sarcastic commenter responding to Dan Savage


"i'm going to send nude pics of myself to an anonymous ad on craigslist what could possibly go wrong."

      — Livejournal user Kassichu


"It's like a stupidity contest, except the winner gets to pay ~$75k."

      — Livejournal user Derumi


"You don't have to feel sorry for him to recognize that the law is on his side here. Fortuny behaved wrongfully, and now he's suffering the consequences."

      — Magicgospelman


"Let's hug."

      — Livejournal user Girlvinyl


"The amount seems a high and random but really 'I did it for the lulz' shouldn't be a valid reason for fucking with someones life. I kind of wonder if there would have been a difference reaction if the guy had targeted a different group [than] male doms."

      — Livejournal user Muilti-factedg


"I take it back. You might get sued if you do a Craigslist Experiment..."

      —Jason Fortuny on his blog last summer


1. Trolls being sued is ridiculous
2. That doesn't make this any less funny

      — Livejournal user Layiliyal


"Contrary to what some people here want to believe, the Internet is not a lawless libertarian wonderland where you can do whatever the fuck you want without legal consequences. ....If you do these things with the goal of fucking with people, you shouldn't be surprised when they fight back."

      — Livejournal user Magicgospelman


"Can you blame him?"
"Not really."

      — Jason Fortuny
         responding to a TV news interviewer last summer.

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3 thoughts to “20 Funniest Reactions to the Jason Fortuny Verdict”

  1. Don’t tell me that NO ONE else instantly conjures up a parody song by the name of “Don’t Fear the Griefer…” anyone else but me? Really?

  2. I guess the webmaster of this blog is a sociopath himself who suports malicious actions. Why else would this entry be in favour of Fortuny?

  3. I’m in full support of trolling.

    THAT is funny trolling.

    THAT is funny trolling.

    What this Jason guy did is just pathetic lol he got what he deserved. He’s the kind of person that would post on message boards honoring dead soldiers from the middle east and start talking about how much they deserved it and how glad he is that they’re dead.
    He’s the proverbial dog shit you scrape off your shoe.

    It takes some creativity and humor to do what was done in the examples.
    He doesn’t know how to be creative OR funny, so he just goes the offensive root. (E.G. finding a black person and messaging that you hate niggers)

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