EFF Attorney Jason Schultz vs. Stephen Colbert

Starting with a whiteboard and a teacher’s instincts, Jason Schultz makes the Michael Crook free speech case as clear as a flowchart. He also explains why the EFF made a video apology part of the settlement.

Please note that this video was posted to Blip days before Stephen Colbert ripped Jason Schultz off, using a whiteboard to diagram the problems of the EFF’s case against Viacom to John Perry Barlow!

Colbert and Barlow

To watch the Schultz video, click here.
To watch the Colbert video, click here.

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10 thoughts to “EFF Attorney Jason Schultz vs. Stephen Colbert”

  1. I’m really hoping that this ‘rip off’ idea is a satirical joke – because if it’s not it’s about as accurate as saying I ripped off Julia Childes when I cooked chicken for dinner last night.

    But you’re joking, so I don’t have to explain how silly this argument is, right?

  2. um, have you ever seen Colbert use a whiteboard in an interview before? here, he uses one to illustrate the complex relationships between parties in a DMCA copyright infringement suit involving the EFF, just like Schultz. sure, he puts a “twist” on it, thinking he’s giving EFF a taste of their own medicine, but still, a pretty cheap ripoff if you ask me.

    but then, i suppose you’re one of these people who looks around and sees “coincidences” all over the place, right? wake up and smell the subterfuge, man!

    and, actually, i never joke. about anything. ever.

  3. Doesn’t it seem far more likely that its a parody? Given that Colbert seems never to “not joke”. About Anything. A bit oversensitive, maybe?

  4. Ummm.

    I would have to say that you would look quite stupid in the courtroom when the judge dismissed the case. Since you DON’T have a copyright on flowcharts, the 2 flow charts look nothing alike, and the fact that they covered 2 different topics. Its not enough to be able to sue a corporation, especially a big one like Viacom.

    And i see “coincidences” all the time. Otherwise i would be another lame douchebag conspiracy idoits like the loosechange guys.

  5. Bluntman, put it down, go pick up a dictionary (you may have to step foot into a bookstore) and look up the following word. Humor. Now look up Satire. I think that you need to realize what those two words mean before you start going around and commenting in a blustery authoritative manner.

    Jeff, as someone who knows that tongue-in-cheek has nothing to do with piercings, I just want to say please keep up the good work.

  6. HaHA! I’m glad you guys picked up on that. I saw colbert’s bit before yours, (i get both shows as podcasts now), and i didn’t quite get the joke. There was no reason for him to use a white board. It didn’t add to the joke at all… And it wasn’t really THAT funny… UNLESS you’ve seen the EFF video. Now i totally think it was an “inside joke” and a jab at the EFF. Gotta love the subtle colbert humor…

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