Why Sarah’s Sex Life Matters

A lot of people have said "I don't know if it's fair to look at Sarah Palin's sexuality the way people are — I just don't know if it's sexist or appropriate. Why can't we just treat her like a human being?" Okay, I'm going to tell you why it's appropriate for us to gloat and delve into every detail.
#1. Sexual politics is important. It matters.

#2. Palin has made priggery, prudery and sexual hypocrisy a centerpiece of her law enforcement and public policy directives, as both the mayor of the beautiful Wasilla, Alaska, and the governor of the state.

She ran on a sex-is-icky platform. People who lived in Wasilla remember when being mayor was almost considered a thankless job, like being the town plumber. ("Who wants to deal with all the bullshit down at the city dump and the electrical wiring?") And then Sarah came along, with her Pentecostal church program behind her, saying "I'm not going to talk about issues like whose dog is pooping on whose lawn. I'm going to talk about stopping abortion now." That's the kind of stuff she ran on, and she got a bunch of people who'd never voted before to march down from her little church and put her into office.

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And then Mayor Palin cut funding for rape test kits. It's like, "If you want to complain about being raped, sweetheart, well, you can just get out your checkbook." Because the city of Wasilla, no matter how much money they had in revenue from their oil, wasn't going to spend it on you. So Sarah has made sex a topic by her legislation and her lobbying and her speeches.

But here's the most controversial part, and it's just as rich as any other aspect of her candidacy: we finally have an image of a powerful, fertile, virile woman on the national stage. And it's a female image that's been almost entirely absent from America's pop culture. When you think of women who've been in the news, two kinds come to mind. One we'll call the Paris Hilton model — or Lindsay Lohan, or Britney Spears — this illiterate, anorexic, or drug-addicted pop tart. "She's so rich. Everybody wants to fuck her. She's so special." This, as many mothers wring their hands saying "This is the role model for our daughters? This is who they see as someone they should look up to?" It's been a travesty.

The other kind of strong woman on a national stage has been an older woman like Hillary Clinton. In some ways, you can say that's how sexism worked against her. Every time she got a little ballsy, a little rip-roaring — every time she showed her fierceness and her strength — she was bound to be called a Wellesley lesbian, that somehow she wasn't enough for Bill Clinton, that all those girls she went to college with she was secretly fucking. Now all of this has just been a big pile of right-wing baloney, but it's what happened to Hillary Clinton. She has never allowed herself, or been encouraged to show her sexual side, because it's been considered something that would get her in trouble — like there was no positive way to show it. She had to refrain from being a ball-buster for fear of being dyke-baited.

So here comes Sarah Palin, who apparently is not in menopause at all. She just had a baby a few months ago, so her heterosexuality is just bleeding out all over the place. She's just rolled out of bed! That's the impression we get from this woman. They can't get her on the dyke thing. She's up in Alaska, shooting guns and taking names! So she's gotten a pass on this. And she is irresistible!

We simply haven't had an overtly fecund, butch, straight-woman sex symbol in so long. She's like Annie Oakley with her six-shooters and her polar bears, her caribou dressing and her moose stew. She's got five kids hanging off of her, and you're like "Hells bells, that woman can fuck in the morning, go out for a long hike on the Arctic tundra, take down a polar bear or two, and be back in time to pass some new creationist legislation." She just kicks ass. I mean, she's just so — mmm. So like a powerful woman.

It's exciting, isn't it?

I think for every woman who's been appalled at her politics and the platform she's been running on — and this certainly includes me — well, there's this little part of me that's thinking "Oh, If only she was on my side. If only I could kidnap Sarah Palin and just lick her pussy for a few hours, I think we could just work this whole thing out." Do you know how many lesbians are discussing this? My friend Marga Gomez, who's a fantastic dyke comedian, has this line where she says "Sarah Palin? She's having my baby. And we've already named her Drill." If only we could move her political viewpoint around just a little.

I was talking to my good friend Christina the other night, and when I told her my kidnapping/cunnilingus fantasy about brainwashing Sarah Palin, she said "I don't think it'd really be that hard. I think she really does like us. I think she's ready for anything. She just wants to be a winner. That's all this girl cares about." When she was Sarah Barracuda on the high school basketball team, when she was in the beauty contest — you can just imagine how mad she was that she didn't win Miss Alaska and only won Miss Congeniality.

I don't think she's very congenial. She wants to win. And in Alaska, that meant siding with a certain kind of fundamentalist church. At first, it meant bucking the Republican establishment without leaving the Republican party entirely. It was the same thing with her church. If you go onto YouTube and look at that Wasilla Pentecostal church she belonged to — I mean, they make Ted Haggard look like a sober Lutheran Minister. And when she ran for governor, all of a sudden she stopped going there every Sunday, because it was just a little too wacky. You know, she had a private talk with them and said, "I really love you guys, but it's a little too theatrical for my political career."

What have we learned about Sarah Palin's sex life so far? The most important thing is that, like every other single person in Alaska, she seems to have had premarital sex. You can look at the elopement date, and then you look at when their first son, Track, was born less than 8 months later. All of her children seem to have had premarital sex — all the ones who've gone through puberty, at least. This is not unusual in America, and especially not in Alaska, where you have all these long, long months, a very narrow economy, and not the biggest educational system in the world. There's not a lot to do except fuck, drink, hunt, and fish. In fact, I don't really know how this Wasilla Pentecostal church really works with their abstinence program, because it goes against the Alaska way!

This kind of hurts me, because you know how I hate slut-baiting, but people at Bristol's high school say she got around, according to the National Enquirer. It's easy to imagine this, because when you see all the photos that are floating around MySpace, there's lots of supposed pictures of Bristol, her sister, and her cousins with gigantic tankards of Jack Daniels, tossing them back — jello shots, party, party, party. The kids have apparently been in a lot of hijinx.

I mean, on one level, I'm sympathetic to Sarah Palin having her life torn apart like this, because every other candidate has all kinds of skeletons in their closet, too. The kind of problems this family is dealing with aren't unusual for any American family. But we never found out what was going on with the Bushes, because they were from a ruling class elite that has a shroud of secrecy around their personal lives, and no one in those circles talks. You're never going to find out what they did at Walmart. You're never going to find out if they pulled their pants down and mooned somebody out a car window — because nobody talks among the crowd they've grown up with.

Sarah, on the other hand, in this working class/middle class community in Alaska? Everyone's got a story. There's no veneer of nobility or discretion. It's all up for grabs.

I know the GOP makes it their practice to select candidates — and this very much includes John McCain — not based on whether these people have intelligence or leadership qualities, or experience or character. They pick them the way a modeling agency picks a spokesmodel — they pick them like it's a casting call. Somebody like Richard Nixon would never be picked for a presidential nominee in a million years now, because he's not good television. Ronald Reagan changed everything. Now the GOP believes that government should be handled by professionals whose names you will never know. And they just want the little puppets on the outside to do the song and dance.

"Do you think she's pretty? Do you think she's cute? Great! Vote for her!" And they don't have any respect for her. When they start screaming about how she isn't shown enough deference by the media, I'm thinking "But you don't respect her. You think she's a useful idiot!" If she's really like Annie Oakley, she wouldn't put up with that. If she's really a tough woman who can stand up to a grizzly bear — can she stand up to the GOP?

That would impress me. If she's not going to do that, then she's totally under their thumb — under her husband's thumb, under the GOP's thumb. She's sold out for the money, like so many others, and she doesn't have the barracuda qualities of survival and dignity that we'd hope that she'd have.

We'll see.

I realize some other unbelievable surprise may be unleashed, but until then, all we can do is just turn the pages of the National Enquirer.

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160 thoughts to “Why Sarah’s Sex Life Matters”

  1. Our dearest Susan makes a very clear case why abortions sometimes are a necessary evil. If only her mom would have decided to have an abortion, I’d pay for it.

  2. Dear Sara not-so-bright,
    I’m from Alaska – you speak from ignorance – you repeat lies – why?

  3. Uh, folks, Raymond Barry’s entire comment, including “Yes, the rape-kit thing is a grey area, but even if it was absolutely false, it would be still true” was a parody of the “truther” double-think. Some parodies are so spot-on, alas, as to be almost indistinguishable from the original.

    Ms. Bright, however is not a parody, but a sad example of how the Left has lost its collective mind. The made-up quotes, the deliberate repetition of known falsehoods, the entirely non-masked rape fantasy, and the “slut-baiting” exploitation of girls as young as THIRTEEN: “…pictures of Bristol, her sister, and her cousins with gigantic tankards of Jack Daniels…” are not rational attempts to persuade undecided voters. Instead the primary purpose of this petulant, immature gossip is to dehumanize Palin, christians, republicans, heterosexuals… basically anyone not in Susie Bright’s in-group.

    What ever happened to that old-fashioned concept of the “loyal opposition”? All that Ms. Bright and her ilk know is opposition, and that as vicious, mean-spirited, and dishonest as can they can make it.

    Sad. How very sad.

  4. Ms. Bright,

    You are a bigoted pig. Truly disgusting. Crawl back under the sewer manhole you crawled out of.

  5. Wahahaha! I’d love to see the dailykos retards open up their boards and stop having them censored by their brownshirt toadies. They’d get some honest feedback and snap out of their circle jerk mentality (maybe).

    Beeeeeee-aaaaaw! Beeeeee-aaaaaw!

  6. Susie Bright, now in contention for the title of Ms. Crazytown along with Andrew Sullivan and his Trig Trooferism.

    Susie, really, you ought to just stick with physical masturbation. It feels good and only you get to know what you are thinking as you do it. This public mental masturbation just let’s everyone know what a loon you really are.

    And btw, the creationist legislation bullcrap is, of course, bullcrap.

    Jeez…you are so _yesterday_ in your smears. How sad.

  7. The comments are hysterical: all these people who are dumb enough to be take this thing *seriously*. For heaven’s sake, get some perspective.

    You know who Suzie Bright is, right? The humorist-sex columnist? have you even *read* anything else she’s written? It’s all over the net. If you don’t like dirty humor, don’t read Suzie Bright. She has a *really clear and well known* brand.

    You look ridiculous when you critique her as if she’s some kind of Washington pundit just because she’s hopping on the enormous “Palin is hot” bandwagon that’s been rolling for weeks. ( Oh, and if you think this essay is outrageous — run out and find some Margaret Cho. She’ll chap your pubes for you, all right.) You’re like people walking straight past the flashing red neon sign into a sex shop and then claiming to be shocked! shocked! by all the dildos.

    Oh, and if you’re reading the political blogs at all — half of male heterosexual American has been blabbing about Sarah Palin MILF “she’s so hot, I’d do her” for weeks — so Suzie’s jokey Palin sex fantasy is apparently shared by millions and millions of redblooded American men. So much for “ooh, icky, you’re so sick and twisted.”

  8. As a religious Jew, I can only say I am ashamed and embarrassed by your crude, untrue, and misleading remarks about Sarah Palin. I would tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself, but I doubt that you are capable of shame, or worse that anything you say or do, no matter how unprincipled and unscrupulous, could shame you.

  9. Has anyone noticed the correlation between ‘aesthetically challenged’ female columnists and vitriolic abuse directed at Sarah Palin?

    Basically, the green-eyed monster is running rampant.

    What do I know about Sarah Palin’s sex life? Only that I can imagine it’s *lot* busier than that of her “feminist” critics.

  10. Dear Doug Jones:

    You got me cold, pal. But you gotta admit, I don’t do bad with the po-mo stuff, especially for an old fart who dropped out of high school at 14.

  11. Gee, I don’t suppose all this trolling is the result of Little Green Footballs sending the attack monkeys your way.

    I think everything you’ve said here is dead on.

    The rape kit reports turned out to be a false positive, but, really, how can them what supports every pathological lie that the McTheuselah campaign projectile vomits out of the anterior end of their collective gastro-intestinal tract make any claims of expertise regarding “fact checking” or offer any meaningful criticism of an honest correspondent who relied on news stories that turned out to have been false?

    Hell, they generally rely on news stories they probably suspect are false to begin with. (Assuming cognition is actually functioning, of course.)

    It’s sort of like these idjits screaming about media bias when Faux Nooz — their unfair and unbalanced gaggle of dunderheads — is openly and blatantly biased but it never seems to upset them in the least.

    Sorry, Susie, that you were subjected to the juvenalia that passes for “scathing witticism” by the retard right. But that’s the game: smear and sneer and then claim false aghastness at some Karl Rove story like, well, how Gwen Ifill was obviously bigoted and prejudiced because she wrote a book on black politicians. (Gee: if she’s have written a book about women politicians, don’t you suppose that they’d have been screaming the opposite defense?)

    And, finally, it’s really unfair to criticize you on your statements regarding matters sexual by them what never had none.

    If it were left up to me and I weren’t being polite and all, I’d suggest that Sarah Palin pack up her “polly-wanna-cracker” act, and take her hillbilly rugrats and her newborn mongoloid baby back to Alaska.

    We already have enough Barbie dolls who speak a limited number of phrases when you pull their strings down here in the lower 48. Thanks.

    But that wouldn’t be polite to say. Especially in the presence of so many easily offended and ever-so-reasonable Feeblublicans. I mean, it might offend their delicate, virginal sensibilities.

    Like that Little Green Footballs jackass.

    And then them’uns, whut never got no good sexin’, can go back to telling everybody else what to do behind them closed doors. (And shippin’ their pregnant teenage daughters out of town and fixin’ up them shotgun weddin’s.)

    Just like always.

    Look: Sarah Palin is to women’s issues what Clarence Thomas is to civil rights. The GOP never did understand “equal rights” but they surely DID get “tokenism.”

    Right on, Susie.

  12. “…seasoned, professional journalists and authors” ? Bwahahahaha!

    Oh you were joking!

  13. Have to say, reading the comments I haven’t laughed so hard in quite awhile. Give it a rest guys, she was jerking your chain and you all fell for it.

  14. By the way, it’s “***whose*** dog is pooping on ***whose*** lawn”, you illiterate jackass!

  15. Susie Bright will always be a challenging over-the-top writer. That’s why I love her. Agree, disagree, she’s always thoughtful even when saying the most outlandish things (a lot like Swift in that way).
    About the rape kit story. It seems all of the “debunking” has been done by conservatives (3 by my count). The non-partisan factcheck.org (a web site that conservatives LOVED to cite when they ran a peice about all the lies going around about Palin’s pregnancy) said of the rape kit story, ” Unlike some claims about Palin, this one has some merit, though Palin’s precise role is unclear.” (http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/did_sarah_palin_make_rape_victims_pay.html) It’s not true Palin sat at her desk and told her police chief to start charging for rape kits while laughing manically. What IS true, however, is that shortly after taking office, Palin fired the longtime Police Chief (for fishy reasons, look it up) and replaced him with someone who changed police policy regarding who should pay for rape kits and who was quoted in the local paper as saying that the law requiring public funding of them “will require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams.” I don’t know whether or not Palin agreed with her Chief at the time (she now says she doesn’t, but there is no record of her disagreeing with him when the policy was in effect, and she signed off on budgets which did not provide funds for rape kits). In any case, making crime victims pay does square with the conservative mantra of limiting funding for governmental activities wherever possible, something which she has endorsed if not actually practiced as mayor. What’s most important to me is that when Palin was Mayor her hand-picked Police Chief (chosen because she felt that she “needed people with new energy and a new vision”) publicly said he believed that rape victims should foot the bill to gather evidence to apprehend their assailant. This, to me, says a lot about her judgment. And as many people have pointed out elsewhere the rationalization that her Police Chief was only trying to get insurance companies to pay the bill is not much of a defense. Can you imagine being raped and then having to fight with your insurance company to pay for the forensic exam? Or, assuming they actually agree to pay for it, the humiliation of having to make a co-pay so the police can catch the rapist?

  16. Everyone. This is the face and soul of the Dem party.

    Do what they say or they well smear and lie about you.

    Talking about making Stalin proud!

  17. Bwahahahahaha!

    You bleat about others staying out of your bedroom and want to poke your nose into theirs?

    You believe made up stories on the internet like the one about the rape kit – a whopper that had bullshit written all over it even before it was debunked a hundred times over – like it’s the truth?

    Are you telling us you’re stupid as, Susie Bright?

    Do the phrases “cognitive dissonance” and “unhinged” mean anything to you?

    I’m reading this from Australia. It’s Americans like you Susie, and the sort of diaorrhea you’ve dribbled here, who give America a bad name.

    Get help. Seriously.

  18. “Has anyone noticed the correlation between ‘aesthetically challenged’ female columnists and vitriolic abuse directed at Sarah Palin?”

    I sure have. I’m old enough to remember when the early feminazis put forward GLORIA STEINEM (!!!!) as their sex symbol! Ms. Steinem was supposed to ameliorate the image of feminist as ‘angry ugly woman’. That strategy failed. Even a casual glance told the truth: Steinem was a bitter hag. And it wasn’t her features that were especially ugly, it was her complete rejection of her femininity that made her ugly. I can only imagine what this Zen monkey person has made herself look like. Ugh.

    For years, feminists been foaming at the mouth over the fact that fewer women are beautiful than not (a fact that feminine women have always been able to successfully cope with, even if not personally beautiful). Sarah Palin threatens the feminazis no end. Personally, I take Sarah’s success as the revenge of the beautiful! I feel vindicated. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. Palin.

  19. A dirty sense of humour, Bemused?

    Stop. You’re cracking me up.

    A loony lefty with any sense of humour is an impossibility.

  20. 14 1/2 minutes have ticked away, you have 30 seconds left.

    LOL, another nobody on the digital bathroom stall.

  21. Bemused: “You know who Suzie Bright is, right? The humorist-sex columnist? have you even *read* anything else she’s written? It’s all over the net.”

    Ok, but does she write anything that’s funny? I believe that humor is determined by the listener, how many listeners does she have?

    Obviously only one here.

  22. Your ONLY redeeming quality as a homo sapien is your willingness to endure the comments you have so far received without moderation or editing. However, I use the term homo sapien because you lack any semblance of humanity.

  23. This is hilarious! What happens when a communcator who addresses a nich audience hits the mainstream, carried to the nth degree.

    Only one comment would be worth printing on real paper; that made by Bemused.

    The only other thing needed is explication of how a “policy of charging the victims insurance companies or the rape kits” got transubstantiated into “cutting funding for rape kits”. Many of us see little difference. Others think that difference invalidates Susie’s point about Palin’s religious, Dominionist driven, anti-sexual policy agenda completely.

    It’s a little like Palin’s asking the Librarian if she would remove books from the Library, if she were instructed to do so, at a guidance meeting for Wasilla city department heads. The Librian said “No way, no how” (That’s an example of how quotation marks are often used to signify a characterization of a frame of mind, as opposed to a signifying a quote of written or spoken words) and Palin fired her (rescinded after one day, due to public protest) from her position.

    So Palin did not actually remove any books from the library. She only attempted to assert her right to do so and to fire a department head who would resist her intent to do so. She’s obviously ready to replace Dick Cheney.

    If any one, right or left, thinks that the left does not deserve public floggings, and even flayings, for its carelessness with words and definitions in these situations, I have a bone to pick with them.
    Such carelessness is inexcusable, and those who think and write about policy and culture should be working much harder than we are to demand that the populist hoi-poloi on both wings who perpetuate it stop their BS and learn to think and express their thoughts with clarity and rigor. Susie?

  24. I’ve been a life long democrat. With all the attacks against Palin for non-issues I have decided there must be something about here that will do the country good.
    McCain and Palin have my vote.

  25. Bright’s few defenders in this thread are snide, smug and revel in mockery. Anyone who doesn’t think like them is a hick, a rube, an ignoramus, a knuckle dragger. The left thinks it occupies the moral and intellectual summit. It looks down on all below. The failure of leftwing programs all over the world for over a century, up to and including the failure of the leftwing push to lend to the subprime borrowers much in the news today (for which they risibly deny responsibility), never seems to dissuade them of their superiority. They are impervious to criticism.

    The levers of power have never been fully in their hands in the United States, even under Roosevelt or Clinton. God help us if that “Change” comes on Nov 4th.

  26. According to the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, May 23, 2000, on the occasion of the sexual assault bill protecting victims of sexual assault from being billed for tests to collect evidence of the crime, one local police chief said the new law will further burden taxpayers.

    The law makes it illegal for any law enforcement agency to bill victims or victims insurance companies for the costs of examinations that take place to collect evidence of a sexual assault or determine if a sexual assault did occur.

    “Wasilla Police Chief Charlie Fannon does not agree with the new legislation, saying the law will require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams.
    “In the past weve charged the cost of exams to the victims insurance company when possible. I just dont want to see any more burden put on the taxpayer, Fannon said.”

    That’s pretty plain, folks. Wasilla PD was charging. And the law put a stop to that practice. But was Sarah palin responsible for Charlie Fannon?

    According to a report here:
    “under Sarah Palin’s administration, Wasilla cut funds that had previously paid for the medical exams and began charging victims or their health insurers the $500 to $1200 fees.”

    That article further claims that : “Palin, as mayor, fired police chief Irl Stambaugh and replaced him with Charlie Fannon, who with Palin’s knowledge, slashed the budget for the exams and began charging the city’s victims of sexual assault. The city budget documents demonstrate Palin read and signed off on the new budget. A year later, alarmed Alaska lawmakers passed legislation outlawing the practice.”

    here is another good URL for your consideration:

    Not to mention this from SLATE

    Despite the opinion expressed at the personal blog of Rachael Larimore, who is Slate’s copy chief, and blogs at
    the net result of the “controversy” hinges on this:

    Sarah Palin fired one police chief, and replaced him with one who took funding for this out of the budget, which Sarah Palin exercised line by line review and control over.
    That police chief objected to a state law passed soon after which in effect required it municipalities to pay for this.
    The police chief said that the city would bill victims insurance companies, if they had insurance. He also said he would like them to get cmpensated through applying for “victims compensation” if the cost was not covered by insureance.

    Apart from niggling over points of language and definition, it is clear that the Sarah Palin administration did change Wasilla city policy to end the practice of paying for for tests to collect evidence of the crime, that Sarah Palin approved that change of policy when she approved the budget after a line by line review, and that her police chief protested the state llaw which made Wasilla’s new practice illegal.

    Folks can quarrel with the shorthand that Susie used to describe that, but in essence she pretty well nails the effect and intent of Palin’s actions.

    BTW, Alaska has the highest rape incidence in the US, and most of the women are native, quite possibly with out health insurance and unfamiliar with “victim compensaton” application and other administrative and judicial procedures.

    It sure is fun to have such a nice, compact laboratory in which to watch the rightist noise machine demonstrate its methods and passions. Sweeeet!

    Hope Susie is getting a kick out of it.

  27. I, for one, think that this article is very well-written, and hilarious. I was on the floor laughing (regardless of how true the statements were).

  28. Yes, the rape-kit thing is a grey area, but even if it was absolutely false, it would be still true.

    Classic double-speak.

    Hey, you know what other state charges rape victims for kits? Illinois! The Messiah’s home turf. Wonder if he had anything to do with that?

  29. Aren’t you the least bit curious what it would be like to not hate people who aren’t like you?

    I mean, think about it, seriously. You’re as unhinged and as un-thinking as someone from Alabama in the 1950’s who says, “Segregation now, segregation forever!” I guess that makes you a bigot, I suppose. Would you even be able to reflect on it deeply enough to see the similarity?

    Disagree if you must, but this stuff is just puerile (and not even amusing).

  30. Thanks for pushing me off the fence. I can’t take any more of these vile personal attacks. I will now vote Republican. You need psychotherapy.

  31. Gosh, Susie, don’t do what Margaret Cho did when she was abused by the wingnuts & released every single email address. That would be . . just rewards.

    Well, will all of you wingnuts promise to consider suicide when Obama wins?

    Great article, Susie. Keep up the good work.

  32. Wow! A convention of morans, knuckle draggers and idjits. Who is guarding the porta-potty?

    Seriously, the sad thing is that these nominal conservatives and their children and grandchildren will suffer no more than the rest of America now that their party has betrayed its principles over the last eight years. There ought to be a special tax levied on Republicans; they do so much damage to our country and to our children and grandchildren.

  33. I believe all the above comments were written by the same person. Either that, or their pastor sicked them all on you at the same time.

    Rock on, Susie!

  34. Troopergate Heads to High Court
    Share October 04, 2008 1:44 PM

    Justin Rood Reports:

    The Alaska Supreme Court will hear an appeal from Republican state lawmakers looking to block their legislature’s investigation into Sarah Palin and “Troopergate,” the Associated Press reported.

    A Superior Court judge threw out their suit Thursday, along with a suit filed by the state attorney general which sought to dismiss subpoenas against several Palin aides and administration officials. It is not clear if that attorney general will try to join the appeal, according to the AP.

    The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the appeal next Wednesday, the wire service reported

  35. Wow, SCORE!! Look at all the frothing-at-the-mouth, righty-wingnut comments!

    Keep up the good work, Suzie — as long as they’re here spitting their bile at you, they’re not out trolling the airport men’s rooms or trying to make time with underage Congressional pages.

    Of course, it’s probably just one or two of them, “Freeping” you as they call it. How pathetic, righties… if you can’t find anyone who actually agrees with you, create thirty sock puppets to make it look like your view is something other than fringe right-wing-nuttery.

  36. Ree:

    Illinois does not charge victims for rape kits. Please check your facts.


    In other news, I don’t actually agree with this article. Please stop making sexist attacks on Palin and focus on the issues. She’s spewing enough anti-woman crap there that you should never have to come back to this kind of thing.

  37. Good article. But I think Palin is more of an anal type. You can kind of see it in her face. If you do kidnap her, I definitely suggest that you start with some analingus, then some dildos, and after a while she’ll be begging for your fist. I guarantee it. Shoot some video for us when it happens.

  38. way to go, susie. i don’t agree with everything you’ve said here, but unlike most of the conservatives who’ve shown up to denounce you, i defend your right to your opinion. the right is always happy to denounce the left as utterly lacking in human decency. and then they fantasize about being censored:

    “I took a screenshot so if you censor this I will post the screenshot with date/time on my blog and email a few choice websites the screenshot in case others want to know you censor your comments to try to save face from a screw-up that any real blogger would admit, address, and fix.”

    but i think the most interesting part is the way they ignore reality. i visited the slate article that they claim debunks the rape kit myth. however, it doesn’t. it asserts that billing insurance companies is different from billing the victim, ignoring the fact that 20% of alaskans have no insurance. jim pivonka makes a similar point above, pointing out that the incidence of rape in alaska is highest with poorer, native women.

    and this is not splitting hairs, someone should find out what the truth is. in the meantime, i think it is fair to say that palin’s executive experience is not worth much if she is not responsible for knowing what her city and state did while she was at the helm. you can’t have it both ways.

  39. You may have gotten the rape kit thing wrong, but most of what you say is absolutely right on! Fuck the stupid conservative shitheads for not being able to take a joke!

  40. Susie – it never takes much to upset the conservative hayseeds. Forget them whining about getting the “rape kit” bit wrong — 2 days ago, they were setting the internet on fire because they thought a Black man carved a backwards “B” into a white girl’s face.

    I concur fully with what you said. I’m adding you to my “Blog parents” list, since your appearances in On Our Backs many years ago was a life-changer.

  41. # Bruce Said:
    October 2nd, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    Get your facts right. I can’t believe how many leftists repeat this same thing about rape kits without even checking that it’s been debunked. Why not throw in the plastic turkey as well.

    Leftists repeating falsehoods is always fine.
    Rabid Right Wing Lunatics who point out actual facts are on a “smear campaign”.


    Bruce, I hope you realize that this kind of ignorant smearing happens on both sides of the political spectrum. However, what you don’t realize, and this is where the irony lies, is that the right-wing has elevated smear and related bullshit to a fine art.

    The right-wing has only itself to complain about when their tactics are used against their own flock. Deal with it and shut the fuck up already.

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